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TrackMan partners with College Golf Camps of America starting in Las Vegas ‘14

Press Release:

College Golf Camps of America (CGC) and TrackMan have partnered to provide Junior Golfers with shot analysis starting at CGC – Las Vegas, December 6th -7th, 2014.

Dallas, Texas, October 9th, 2014 – College Golf Camps of America and TrackMan, the industry standard for Swing and Ball Flight Analysis Technology and Knowledge, is pleased to announce a new opportunity for Junior Golf development.

“We look forward to working with College Golf Camps at CGC – Las Vegas. The TrackMan Combine provides camp participants with a great opportunity to find out their strengths and weaknesses as well as compare their results to other collegiate and professional golfers. In addition, the skills assessment will provide all of the participants with detailed swing and ball flight data. This is the same information collected by the top coaches and players around the world.” – Justin Padjen, TrackMan

“The relationship with TrackMan will be yet another layer of opportunity for the Junior Golfers at our camps. CGC continues to add value with every camp, Junior Golfers will surely benefit with the involvement of TrackMan.” – Kelli Kuehne, CGC, Director of Events

In addition to enhancing the overall experience for the Junior Golfers at College Golf Camps of America, TrackMan Combine and CGC Skills Assessment will include:

– Optional TrackMan Combine for Junior Golf Campers, 60 shot test

– Each Junior Golfer will have a skills assessment of 15 shots

– Overall shot analysis from TrackMan

– Full report from TrackMan

– Continued education on shot analysis

– Video analysis from TrackMan

About CGC: Developed in conjunction with NCAA coaches, College Golf Camps of America (CGC) is the first privately operated multi-college Junior Golf Camp in the world. CGC allows college coaches to instruct, evaluate, clinician and interact with Junior Golfers from all over the world. Operating under strict NCAA guidelines, CGC is a ground-breaking concept that will provide a huge value to Junior Golfers and Parents with goals of playing Collegiate Golf. Each event will have a select group of major colleges coaches to develop fundamental skills for aspiring Junior Golfers both boys and girls. CGC’s mission is to provide Junior Golfers with the best in class environment to learn, compete, showcase and interact with current college golf coaches.

About TrackMan: TrackMan is a fully wireless, easy to use, indoor/outdoor, radar-based solution for analyzing the impact conditions and resulting ball flight in golf. TrackMan provides the industry’s most accurate real-time data and graphics on ball launch, flight, and landing. Its unique combination of radar and video technology provides the ultimate solution for Equipment Manufacturers, Teaching Pros, Club Fitters, and ambitious golfers. TrackMan A/S, headquartered in Vedbæk, Denmark, is the developer and owner of TrackMan™ technology. TrackMan technology includes a comprehensive patent portfolio of granted patents and pending patents applications.

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