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Winter Golf Workouts

As winter is quickly approaching, Interlachen Director of Instruction Luke Benoit, provides some workout tips that help junior golfers over the winter months.

Build Swing Speed

“My number one recommendation to almost all juniors is to pick up clubhead speed by simply swinging a club every day,” reports Luke. “No need to even hit balls, just swing as fast as you can! Twenty hard swings every day will help you build up clubhead speed quickly.” Benoit trains numerous high school and college golfers during the winter and tailors exercise plans based on the unique attributes of each individual person. Athletes who play other sports have different exercise needs than those that just play golf, for example.

Offseason Training

Benoit also likes to create custom training programs based on what a golfer’s game and swing need. “For instance, if you’re already pretty strong, it might make sense to work more on flexibility than strength,” he says. “If you’re skinny and flexible, then you probably need to start adding some serious strength to your frame.” Benoit says the best plan is to find a golf fitness instructor who can create a workout specifically for you.

Weight Work

In a general sense, Benoit recommends integrating full body weight exercise like planks, push-ups, pull-ups and medicine ball tosses into any training plan. He says more often than not, discipline to keep the routine going is the biggest problem for most junior golfers. “My recommendation is to start small with an accomplishable goal of 20-minute workouts 3-4 days per week,” he suggests. “If you can keep that up for a month and want more, find a fitness pro that can develop a customized plan and get serious about it.”

Benoit is also on the staff at the Minnesota Golf Academy in Eden Prairie, which offers group workout classes every Saturday to help make fitness fun. He says there are many such programs around the state – just ask your coach or local Section Professional for more information.

That’s advice that all of us can use as we get ready for the 2017 season.

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