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Junior Golfers yardage books, Why? DIY yardage

Junior Golfers Yardage

College Golf Coaches are constantly seeking information about junior golfers and yardage books.  Coaches ask themselves often, “is this junior golfer organized? does he/she have a game plan?”  

All competitive golfers are looking for any advantage to maximize their scoring potential during tournament play as long as it’s within the rules of the game.  You can do this yourself.  That’s right, you can create a game plan with a DIY yardage book.  

After several years as a parent of a junior golfer, Michael Carter and his daughter Larissa created a do-it-yourself yardage book company called Go To Caddie. Since it’s inauguration in 2015, Go To Caddie yardage books are being used by professional and junior golfers around the world. In addition, their My Caddie Pro yardage book has been incorporated into top college golf programs throughout the country.

A yardage book is an essential tool that all professional golfers and caddies use when taking notes prior and often during practice rounds before a tournament. In the past, both player and caddie would spend hours familiarizing themselves with the course design. Now with new internet technology, they can design their yardage books from home allowing them to have accurate measurements throughout the course prior to even stepping on the first tee box.  DO IT YOURSELF with Go To Caddie Excellent stocking stuffer for Christmas!!

My Caddie Junior Yardage Book 6 pack

junior golfers yardage

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The My Caddie yardage book is designed for rising junior competitive golfers.

Yardage books can help eliminate costly mistakes and erase any doubt from a player and caddie’s mind by servicing them both with their own accurate information and game plan. This gives a mental edge to a player by having confidence over every shot. These notes can provide accurate yardages for distances from the tee box to hazards and landing areas in and around fairways and on the green.

A properly filled out yardage book also provides detailed sketches and measurements of the greens giving the player knowledge of landing areas where the pin is located. Players can then confidently assess their plan of attack or defense for each approach shot during a round.  DO IT YOURSELF with Go To Caddie 

My Caddie Junior Yardage Book 6 pack

junior golfers yardage

A yardage book is a definitive tool for course management and a critical piece of equipment for the modern game.

Yardage books are one of the best-kept secrets in golf. Juniors and amateurs inspiring to improve their game will be well served to learn how to use one. Whether you’re preparing for a match at your local club or sharpen your skills in preparation for college, learning the correct use of a yardage book will maximize your scoring potential. DO IT YOURSELF with Go To Caddie 

The My Caddie Pro is a do-it-yourself yardage book that can be used on any course. Our book allows the player to:

  • Eliminate costly mistakes and determine a strategy for each hole
  • Document precise measurements for distance from any area on the course
  • Draw detailed sketches of fairways, hazards, and greens
  • Play with confidence knowing whether to hit attack or defend shots to the green
  • Draw slopes and breaks for more accurate putts on the greens
  • Record data in the stat tracker to learn areas of strengths and weaknesses

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