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Connect to College Golf in 2018

5 Questions and Answers about College Golf Camps of America.

1. Are all these colleges going to be there? I mean really?
Yes, REALLY, the NCAA guidelines allow for coaches to work camps. So, over the past 5 years, we have contracted over 200 major college coaches within the NCAA guidelines…no different than coaches running their own camps, CGC is the buffet of College Golf Coaches at one camp….make sense?

2. Why do you only have BIG D-1 schools when I will probably play at a lower level?

This is a simple but unique answer. No one realizes the networking that goes on behind college coaching unless your a coach. For example, we have been told that if we have 18 major college coaches in attendance, you might as well have 50 lower level coaches in their pockets. Here is why….the coach at a “big-time” college may see a camper who can’t play for them, but could play for a “friend of his/her” at a smaller college…hence the vast network of coaching and the coaching fraternity. Now, we are not saying we will have 50 coaches in attendance, but we are trying to explain the relationships within college coaching and how they help each other out……

3. How will the coaches see me play?
Great question, coaches in attendance will be roaming the camp all day, from the range to the golf course. We will assign each coach a cart and 3-4 holes to per day. Those coaches will watch players come through their assigned holes each day. They will be assigned 3-4 holes on the first day and then 3-4 different holes the next. Having 18 coaches in attendance, every hole will have an overlap of coaches…..hence forcing them to watch campers come through so they can coach, evaluate, instruct, etc…..pretty cool huh?

4. Do my parents need to attend?
Absolutely, it is the opinion of the CGC that the parents could get as much or more information from the camp as their son or daughter. Parents can do everything but play. They can rent a cart and follow their son/daughter. They need to attend the clinics. The clinics are full of big-time information from college coaches. These clinics are geared to educate the campers and the parents!!

5. Am I good enough? Is my handicap too high?
This is a great question, but you and your parents are the only ones to answer it. We are open to all players of all skill-sets. This camp is geared for players who want to play college golf, period. Who are we to label a player and say they good enough? Don’t ever allow someone to label you. We believe in the process to gain results. Ultimately we can only control our attitude and our effort!! So don’t allow anyone to label who you are or who you will become!!

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