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Golf Is Not A Lazy Game



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It is such a versatile game. You can play it on your own or with up to three friends at a time. There is no age limit in this game you can play at any age! Many people think that golf is a lazy game but what if I tell you that it is the game in which a golfer walks over six miles on an average 18 holes around that’s uphill, downhill, on the sand and through all kind of different terrains. Golf requires a lot of patience, concentration, and accuracy and for these skills, you need many hours of practice. What if I tell you that Golf is the best game for your health and especially for the heart as well. Playing golf also reduces stress due to walking in an open and natural environment. The best thing in this game is that there is no need of your competitor you can play yourself and can compete with yourself to secure a better score than before. So playing golf can help you:


. Stay fit

. Improve muscle tone and endurance

. Loose weight and body fat


But. . .



You need golf coaching and for that you need a golf coach who is best in coaching who can teach the techniques and skills to play golf and for that you will look and search for the coaches and in this you may waste your important time so for you peoples I just found a college which is for all who love and want to play golf from junior golf camps to the senior golf camps you can find there. Along with coaching, you have a chance to play tournaments also and there you can prove your skills and win a prize too so it is a good chance for all the learners and beginners to join this college and just become a good golfer.


This is the college golf camps which are located in the United States in Texas state. Here you can take admission and can be a master class in this game of sports. I have searched and seen many colleges of Golf but to be honest, I haven’t seen such a great college that has a pure professional coaching staff and the quality of the terrains are simply classy. So we must suggest you, people, that before playing golf you must know the basics and from basic to professional skills so that you can be a perfect golfer in the future. So, lads don’t waste your time in searching and taking admission anywhere if you want and you have the desire to become a professional golfer so just take the admissions now and rock your future in this game of sports.


  1. The Longest hole in the golf is about 909 Yards which is at the Satsuki Golf Club in Japan 
  2. 125k balls are hit into the water at the 17th hole of the Stadium Course at Sawgrass each year.
  3. If you walked all eighteen holes instead of riding in a golf cart, you would walk approximately four miles.
  4. As of March 10, 2019, Dustin Johnson is the number one golfer.
  5. 23% of professional golfers are female.
  6. 80% of all golfer will never achieve a handicap below 18.
  7. One 18-hole round can burn up to 2000 calories.
  8. On the 9th of January 1811, Scotland held the first women’s golf tournament.
  9. Golf is the only sports game in which only the lowest scores wins.
  10. American spends the amount $600 million on golf balls every year.

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