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Dallas-San Diego-Pinehurst Junior Golf

Sign up for the Dallas, San Diego, Or Pinehurst Junior Golf Camp Events

College Golf Camps provides unique college golf opportunities designed specifically for Junior Golfers wanting exposure to College Golf. Location Venues are: Dallas, San Diego, Pinehurst Junior Golf College Golf Camps

Junior Golf Instruction in Dallas, San Diego & Pinehurst

Dallas, San Diego, Pinehurst Junior Golf

Contact College Golf Camps of America today to learn of the Three Day National Junior Golf Exposure Camp in Dallas, Texas for 2017. Or sign up for the San Diego, California and Pinehurst North Carolina – College Golf Camps today! At CGC, we have all the resources you need to become a better golfer, we work with the best venues, partner with the best coaches and work tediously along our junior golfers to improve their game.

Dallas, San Diego, Pinehurst Junior Golf College Golf Camps


Each Exposure Camp Curriculum includes 21 hours of Education and 9 hours of competition fun! With emphasis on instruction, education, practice and competition growth.

College Golf Camps: Event Features

  • Golf Game Development:  Play Team Golf – Play College Golf
  • Transition Practice to Tournament Preparation for Competition
  • Mental Game Assessment for Golf Strategies and Tips
  • Course Management
  • Putting Skills Assessment
  • Golf Game Knowledge Development
  • Student Development and Preparation How To Transition from Junior to College Golf

Education: Dallas, San Diego, Pinehurst Junior Golf

College Golf Camps

Meet College Golf Coaches in

Dallas, San Diego, or Pinehurst for College Golf Camps Junior Golf

Life Skills for entering College Freshman,

Be the Student in Student-Athlete,

Transition from High School to College

Swing Tips,

Course Management and Tips including How To Manage Your Way Around the Golf Course

Golf Drills,

Evaluations for Game Development and Educational Purposes

Success for Student-Athletes

Competition: College Coaches  provide interaction, education and Evaluations

Dallas, San Diego, Pinehurst Junior Golf College Golf Camps Venues

36 holes of golf competition

9 hole short game challenge with College Golf Coaches

Players will be provided feedback on golf game improvement

Student Preparation:

NCAA Education

Road Map for Junior Golf,

Team Golf,

Championship Golf,

Question and Answers Sessions

Educational Seminars with College Golf Coaches at the

Dallas, San Diego, Pinehurst Junior Golf College Golf Camps

Playing with Freedom,

Harness your Inner Champion

Improve overall Skills and Golf Knowledge

Trackman Skills Assessment – 15 shots

Optional TrackMan Combine

Video Analysis

TPI Evaluation

Titleist Performance Institute Golf Assessment  60 minutes assessment involving a 13 point physical evaluation to address physical capabilities and relate them to golf swing.  A personalized strength and flexibility program to address your needs is also a portion of  TPI Evaluation               Titleist Performance Institute Golf Assessment

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