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About College Golf Camps

Since 2012, College Golf Camps of America, LLC has promoted and operated live venue events around the United States including but not limited to Junior Golf events, camps, promotions.  College Golf Camps include presenters, clinicians, live performers, guest speakers, entertainment and celebrity performers.  College Golf Camps of America is the first promotion and events organization with NCAA guidelines.  Developed in conjunction with NCAA coaches, College Golf Camps of America (CGC) is the first privately operated multi-college Junior Golf Camp in the world. CGC allows college coaches to instruct, evaluate, clinician and interact with Junior Golfers from all over the world. We are not a recruiting service, we are not scouting service.

Train with the best College Golf Coaches

College Golf Camps provides a exceptional educational opportunity for junior golfers to learn from college golf coaches, experience the competitive spirit with college golf coaches and interact with college golf coaches with the goal of improving as a golfer.

CCG provides:

  • Place special emphasis on a particular sport or sports, and provide specialized instruction or practice and may include competition;
  • Involve activities designed to improve overall skills and general knowledge in the sport; or
  • Offer a diversified experience without emphasis on instruction, practice or competition in any particular sport

Operating under strict NCAA guidelines, CGC is a ground-breaking concept that will provide a huge value to Junior Golfers and Parents with goals of playing Collegiate Golf. Each event will have a select group of major colleges coaches to develop fundamental skills for aspiring Junior Golfers both boys and girls.

Mission Statement

To become a trusted organization within the Junior Golf World by offering a simple solution, as it relates to Junior Golf and the realities of college golf. CGC is focused on providing high-level Junior Golf camps and youth golf camps in conjunction with premier college golf coaches. CGC events are a safe, reliable and highly-organized environment to help junior golfers develop into the players they want to become.

We will do this by through transparency and a high-level of integrity. We commit ourselves to this mission by adhering to our core values, building a program that believes in these values, developing quality partnerships and committing to the daily relentless pursuit of these core values.

Vision Statement

Our focus is to serve the Junior Golf World with opportunities never provided before. Through a constant search of perfection, we will offer Junior Golfers with big-time development opportunities.

We will always continue to improve and strive for excellence.

Core Concepts

Integrity All relationships are founded on a degree of trust, with integrity being the foundation upon which trust is built. By making integrity the focal point of College Golf Camps, it is found in every facet of our events. From project start to finish, you can count on CGC.


This idea comes from placing integrity before everything else. The Junior Golfers needs are always put above the needs of CGC.

Excellence in Golf Camps for Juniors

CGC thrives on thinking of unique concepts found outside the box. Our core is driven by always improving. We are committed to improving Junior Golf and the experience for kids. We will be vigilant about finding the right way to educate and develop Junior Golfers.

At CGC events, the relentless pursuit of excellence drives our focus and defines our goals for improving opportunities within Junior Golf.

Why We Exist

While CGC is a privately-owned business, our purpose and passion is to help kids and provide youth golf camps for them. We have seen the struggles and challenges with Junior Golf. How do you get there? What do we do? Where do we go? We have listened, we have looked around and we have learned.

Change can be extremely difficult and anything new is always questioned. We are extremely excited to present our concepts and unique focus to the Junior Golf World.

We have a fierce desire is to educate the player, the student, the child and the parents. Through precision and continued excellence, we will provide a premier, first-class experience for all involved.

College Golf Camps of America, LLC is insured.

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