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The Basics

What is the purpose of CGC?

Our mission at CGC is to provide the highest quality experience, while incorporating more then the “typical” junior golf experience. We focus on teaching and education with a portion of competition. We want to educate the parent, the student and the golfer. At CGC events, you can expect a first-class experience with advanced golf experiences, spirit of competition and most importantly having fun with the entire process.

What is the curriculum of College Golf Camps?

Our curriculum of teaching the campers and parents about golf through a rigorous 3 day experience. Campers and parents should expect a thorough education with special emphasis on the game of golf, improved skill-set and overall knowledge of golf. We offer a diversified experience without emphasis on instruction, practice or competition.

Is College Golf Camps of America a recruiting service?

No, we adhere to all NCAA compliance rules for camps. We do not provide recruiting or scouting services. Nor does CGC report to any recruiting, scouting or outside parties.

Are the competition results submitted for ranking purposes?

No, we do not rank players, nor do we report scores to ranking services. In fact, during our competition players can and should expect feedback and direction from the college golf coaches in attendance which would be against USGA rules.

Based on my ability, is this camp for me?

This camp is for any junior golfer who wants to play college golf and learn more about college golf. Your handicap does not matter. We will have advanced players and we will have players who are working to break 100. At the end of the day, we are not here to label players, we are here to provide an opportunity to improve your skills and learn from some of the best coaches in college golf. Our only restriction is age, which is 10-18 years old.

Who is eligible for a CGC event?

Any international and national junior golfer between the age of 10-18, under new NCAA guidelines, senior graduates may attend.

How is this compliant with the NCAA??

We know and understand that you might be skeptical, however these types of events have been done for years in other sports, but never junior golf until now!! We are not a recruiting or scout service and do not report to any rankings, recruiting or scouting service. CCG does the following: – Place special emphasis on a particular sport or sports, and provide specialized instruction or practice and may include competition; – Involve activities designed to improve overall skills and general knowledge in the sport; or- Offer a diversified experience without emphasis on instruction, practice or competition in any particular sport We take the NCAA Compliance rules very seriously. Please refer to the following NCAA Bylaws: NCAA Bylaw (Non-Institutional Privately Owned Camps/Clinics) NCAA Bylaw (Non-Institutional Privately Owned Camps/Clinics) NCAA Bylaw (Purposes of Camps ad Clinics) NCAA Bylaw (Non-Institutional Privately Owned Camps/Clinics) NCAA Bylaw (No Free or Reduced Admission Privileges)

Are College Golf Camps ranked?

No, our competitions will not be ranked. Scores from the competition are for internal use only. In fact, during the competition junior golfers should expect to receive guidance and advice throughout their round from our college coaches. This is designed to help junior golfers learn about playing golf.

Does CGC Report to any recruiting service or scouting service?

Absolutely NOT!!

Are the coaches listed representing both the women's and men's programs?

Coaches represent their university no matter which program they are affiliated with.

How does CGC get so many college coaches to attend?

CGC contracts the coaches under NCAA guidelines, which is why we can commit these coaches to our events.

About Our Camps

What does the junior golfer need to bring?

Junior golfers need to bring their personal golf equipment needed to participate in all aspects of the camp, which includes but not limited to; 3 days of golf attire, golf equipment (clubs, bag, balls, tees, etc.), golf shoes, sunscreen, rain gear, etc

Do junior golfers have to attend the entire camp?

No, but we strongly encourage campers to attend all scheduled events.

Are parents allowed to attend camp events?

Absolutely, we encourage all parents to attend all clinics, seminars and workshops. Parents are not allowed to assist their son/daughter during competition.

What are the topics of the clinics, seminars and workshops?

At CGC, we like to think outside the box. We what to provide the highest value for the junior golfer and family. Topic examples include: “transition from H.S. to College Golf”, “Life Skills for the College Freshman”, “Body is your Business”, “A Golfers Mind”, “Heart of a Champion”, etc. We average over 20 hours of education.

Will spectator carts be available for parents?

Absolutely, there will be a nominal fee for cart rental through the host course

Are players allowed pull-carts?

Yes, as long as the golf course allows them.

What is a typical camp schedule?

  • Day 1 – Welcome meeting with campers, parents, coaches. Junior golf camper/college golf coach meet and greet, fundamentals skills workshop (6 hours)
  • Day 2 – 18 holes of competition/instruction (4.5 hours), lunch, afternoon clinics, seminars and workshops, short-game challenge (6.5 hours)
  • Day 3 – 18 holes of competition/instruction (4.5 hours), lunch, final clinic/seminar, campers excused by 6pm (6.5 hours)

Will there be other coaches in attendance watching the camp?

All college coaches are welcome to attending each camp, however we only contract a certain number of coaches.

Will transportation be provided?

Transportation is the responsibility of the junior golf and parent or guardian.

Are campers allowed to use rangefinders?

Yes, college golfers are allowed to use them in competition, so CGC junior golf camps allow them also.

Are parents allowed to caddy?

No, unfortunately parents are not allowed to caddy for the campers.

Can NCAA coaches attend the camp during a "quiet" or "dead" period?

NCAA coaches can attend during a “quiet” period as long as they are contracted by the camp. NCAA coaches are not allowed to attend any event during a “dead” period. That’s why we don’t offer camps during dead periods.

Registration and Billing

What is the CGC refund policy?

The CGC takes great pride in the high-quality of the camps that we offer. Due to the numbers of players in the field and our commitment to provide the best experience possible, your registration is not only a commitment to our program, but also a commitment to yourself and the coaches. When you register for our camp, you have committed yourself much like a letter of intent. Please carefully consider your schedule and your commitments prior to registering for any camp under the CGC umbrella. We make huge commitments to campers, coaches and parents for a rock-solid event. We have fixed expenses such as golf course fees, resort fees, travel fees, etc that we incur whether we have 10 junior golfers or 110 junior golfers. The CGC will refund campers outside 60 days of the event with a $550 cancellation fee. However, the CGC will use any opportunity to work with you and your family to offer credits and transfers. Inside 60 days, no refunds will be issued. Any camper who needs to transfer to a future camp will be charged an additional $150 transfer fee

Do the camps have limited enrollment?

Yes, in order to provide a high quality experience the camp is limited to 92 Junior Golfers.

What should we expect once we register for the camp?

Upon registration you will receive an automated email and registration package.

Are food and hotel accommodations included in the camp fee?

Camp fees do not cover hotel costs. We provide lunch and dinner for campers. The camp fee covers green fees, range balls, clinics, seminars, workshops, instructional workbook, CGC Swag Bag. We will have host hotels with a CGC rate.

How does payment for the camps work?

Great question!! National camps – $695 is due on registration with 2 monthly billings of $500 each. Regional camps – $595 is due on registration with 1 final billing within 30 days. International camps – TBD.  Each camp has a $50 registration fee charged 48 hours after camp evaluations are delivered. If you would like to pay the entire camp fee at once, no problem, please email info at or call us!!

Does the camp have insurance?

Absolutely, CGC has a premium insurance policy for any injuries. In addition, CGC has built-in insurance policy for catastrophic events, ie weather, accidents, etc.
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