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Quotes from College Golf Coaches

usc-coach“From what I am told, College Golf Camps has been providing great opportunities for junior golfers for the past couple of years. I am excited to be a part of the San Diego camp this Summer. It’s a unique opportunity for junior golfers and coaches to interact. I am looking forward to a great couple of days.”

Chris Zambri, Head Coach, USC

louisville-coach“I had the priviledge of participating in CGC Orlando. For a junior golfer seeking to display his/her skills in front of collegiate coaches as well as learning how to best prepare for collegiate golf, this is your camp!”

– Mark Crabtree, Louisville, Head Golf Coach

usf-coach“College Golf Camps is a great way for Junior Golfers to interact, learn and get comfortable playing in front of some of the best coaches in college golf.”

– JC Deacon, Florida, Head Golf Coach

ecu-coach“CGC is a great opportunity for junior golfers to work side by side with college golf coaches in a competitive, learning environment.”

– Kevin Williams, East Carolina, Head Golf Coach

missstate-coach“The experience with College Golf Camps is an outstanding opportunity for junior golfers. Along with great instruction, young golfers also need information about the process of moving into college golf and this program addresses those areas and allows for information exchange. As a coach, it was one of the highlights of my year working with the future of college golf.” 

– Ginger Brown-Lemm, Mississippi State University, Head Golf Coach

asu-coach“I’m looking forward to being a part of the CGC San Diego event as I think this is a Win Win for Coaches and Prospects. Its going to be a really fun couple of days.”

– Tim Mickelson, Arizona State University

pepperdine-coach“I am looking forward to the CGC in San Diego! What a great way for a prospective student athlete to learn from the top college golf coaches in the country. A unique opportunity for both the juniors and the coaches.”

– Michael Beard, Pepperdine University, Head Coach

gu-coach“I am excited to be part of my first CGC. Being able to help young people get better at golf and help them realize their dreams of playing college golf is very rewarding. What a great experience working with the best college coaches in the country and combining our efforts to help young golfers.”

-Brad Rickel, Gonzaga University, Head Coach

auburn-coach“I look forward to being apart of the First Annual CGCA in Dallas, Texas. It should be a fun time and very informative for all involved.”

– Nick Clinard, Auburn University, Head Golf Coach

kstate-coach“The CGC Junior Golf is a great opportunity for junior golfers aspiring to play college golf. It is an innovative concept in that it focuses on preparing for the college golf experience.”

– Kristi Knight, Kansas State University, Head Golf Coach

txtech-coach“I am excited to be a part of the College Golf Camps and have the opportunity to work with some great junior players! This will be a fun three days filled with some valuable information.”

– Jojo Robertson, Texas Tech, Head Golf Coach

rice-coach“I am excited to join College Golf Camps this summer to help young players reach their potential on and off the golf course.”

– Justin Emil, Rice University, Head Golf Coach

nebraska-coach“I remember going to camps and how much fun they were, so I am looking forward to being on the other end building enthusiasm and passion for the game.”

– Robin Krapfl, University of Nebraska, Head Golf Coach

uta-coach“This is a new idea and I feel excited to offer assistance to young men and woman that want to be the best they can be! I endorse this camp and I believe CGC will grow in popularity rapidly. Having some of the top college golf coaches in the U.S. provide their knowledge that helps these future college golfers prepare now!”

– Jay Rees, UT-Arlington, Head Golf Coach

uva-coach“I look forward to being a part of the CGC Junior Skills Camp. This is a wonderful opportunity for juniors to experience the concepts, skills, and expectations of what it takes to be a successful college student-athlete in a competitive environment with an emphasis on development.”

– Kim Lewellen, University of Virginia, Head Coach

“College golf camps is truly a unique opportunity for prospects to get up close and personal with college coaches. No other time can you interact in this way with coaches. We get the chance to share the same information and practice ideas/sessions that we use with our college players. It’s almost as though you’re on a college golf team for a few days! The atmosphere is fun and all the coaches are happy to help players and their parents on their college golf endeavor!”
– Emily Marron, University of Central Florida, Head Golf Coach

clemson-coach“I can’t wait to work with so many quality student/athletes! The curriculum is very thorough and well organized. Everything you need to prepare for college golf is here.”

– Larry Penley, Clemson University, Head Coach

richmond-coach“CGC is a wonderful opportunity for junior golfers thinking about playing college golf. It will be a great way to showcase their talent in front of college coaches and get a better feel for what coaches look for. I am really looking forward to being a part of the Hilton Head experience in March. ”

– Adam Decker, University of Richmond, Head Coach

mt-coach“Can’t wait to get to Hilton Head! Looking forward to seeing some great golf and helping serious golfers get better!! ”

– Whit Turnbow, Middle Tennessee State University, Head Coach

villanova-coach“Each CGC event educates prospective student athletes and parents about what to expect during the complicated search process, showcases their talents for college coaches, and provides advice on how to narrow their list and find just the right program. I’m honored and excited to help out!”

– James Wilkes, Villanova University, Head Coach

stanford-coach“One in four golfers competing collegiately are international, yet many find their way to the college game by sheer luck. CGC Europe is a terrific idea and an opportunity for international players to hear directly from some of the top college coaches on the best pathway to the collegiate circuit. Beyond that, Dundonald Links is one of the finest courses in Scotland and will offer the perfect backdrop for competitors to play competitively and at the same time receive feedback and coaching from the instructors. This is a fantastic opportunity for junior golfers in Europe who are interested in pursuing college golf in the States.”

– Anne Walker, Head Coach, Stanford University

uofsc-coach“I am excited to being involved with the College Golf Camp in Hilton Head. I look forward to working with Nick, his staff, and the participants. This will be a great opportunity to participate in a junior golf camp that is within close proximity to the University of South Carolina.”

– Kalen Harris, University of South Carolina, Head Coach

davidson-coach“Great camp that is really well organized and does a great job of informing junior golfers about college golf and the coaching process” 

– Tim Straub, Davidson University, Head Coach

fsu“If you are looking for a professional assessment of your golf game in comparison to current collegiate golfers. College golf camps of America is the best opportunity I have found.”

– Trey Jones, Florida State, Head Golf Coach

wakeforest-coachs“I am looking forward to working with College Golf Camps. The students have a wonderful opportunity to work with experienced golf coaches and to showcase their skills. It is a win-win situation and can help the student reach the next level with their golf”

– Dianne Dailey, Wake Forest University

txam-coach“I am excited to be a part of the staff at College Golf Camps. As coaches, it is always fun to work with young people who want to improve and develop. It is also a great opportunity for golfers who aspire to play collegiate golf to learn from coaches who understand what it takes to be successful in college.”

– JT Higgins, Texas A&M University, Head Golf Coach

fgcu-coach“CGC is an awesome idea and great opportunity for high school golfers. There are very few opportunities to have this type of close exposure and interaction with this many elite program coaches, and head coaches, not just a staff representative. I wish this opportunity was around when I was a junior golfer!”

– Brent Jensen, Florida Gulf Coast University, Head Coach

sandiego-coach“College golf camps has created a competitive atmosphere with quality coaches in attendance throughout the country. This is a a great opportunity to showcase the skills of junior golfers and encourage them to play at the next level.”

– Ryan Donovan, San Diego State University, Head Coach

baylor-coach“I am honored to be a part of this event, and I feel it will be a unique opportunity for coaches and students alike.”

– Mike McGraw, Baylor, Head Coach

arizonau-coach“I am very excited for the opportunity to be a part of the College Golf Camps of America Staff. Sharing information with young kids about the coaching process and preparing them for the transition to the College Game is very important. As coaches, we can better equip young players on what to expect while learning more about areas they need to improve in. Further, the coaches will have a great opportunity to share insights on what it takes to be the best teammate in a sport where you often compete alone. Lastly, the staff that CGC has been assembled is very impressive and it is truly an honor to be a part of it.”

– Jim Anderson, University of Arizona, Head Golf Coach

uh-coach“I am happy to represent the University of Houston at College Golf Camps. These camps will be very valuable to the coaches, but most importantly it will provide the participants a unique experience. Each player will receive the information they need to develop in the players they aspire to be”

– Jonathan Dismuke, University of Houston, Head Golf Coach

iowa-coach“ I was very excited to learn about the CGC Camp and eager to participate. I think it is a valuable tool for the junior golfer to learn more about the college experience before you arrive on campus. I see this as a win, win for both coaches and the players. I know this would have been a valuable tool for me as a young player and I hope many junior golfers will take advantage of this unique opportunity.”

– Megan Menzel, University of Iowa, Head Golf Coach

fsu“CGC is a unique opportunity for young players to interact with college coaches. This is an opportunity that does not happen in the sport of golf. There is no other camp where a golfer can be seen by 20 different major college coaches. Not only are the coaches accessible to the players for questions, but they are also there to help improve your golf game. I certainly wish this was around when I was growing up!”

– Amy Bond, Florida State, Head Coach

cu-coach“College Golf Camps of America is a very unique concept. I believe participants will gain valuable knowledge about how to play golf, as opposed to just learning golf swing technique. Students will be better prepared to make the transition from junior golf to the college golf level.”

– Anne Kelly, University of Colorado Golf Coach

hbu-coach“It sounds like a super opportunity for young golfers and coaches all together. To have the opportunity to learn a lot of valuable information from experienced coaches and instructors at the collegiate level. This could be another great avenue of learning for each of the participates and what a experience it will be.”

– David Shuster, Houston Baptist University, Head Golf Coach

columbia-coach“I am honored to be working amongst some of the best college coaches in the country. As a junior, how could you not be excited about the chance to learn from so many great coaches at once? If I had this opportunity growing up, I’d come to camp ready to soak up everything I could.”

– Rich Mueller, Columbia University, Director of Golf

usf-coach“College Golf Camps of America will provide aspiring junior golfers with a unique opportunity to learn about college golf from the best source available, college coaches. I am excited to be a part of this event.”

– Emily Bastel, University of Florida, Head Coach

nev-coach“College Golf Camps of America is a great opportunity for perspective student-athletes to get a clear understanding of what it takes to a successful college player”

– Jacob Wilner, University of Nevada-Reno, Head Golf Coach

tatc-coach“It isn’t often that high school prospects get to spend this much time with this many college coaches finding out about the process of getting noticed and then landing a position on a college team. I believe it is a great opportunity for them to get a head start on the competition!”

– Mark Guhne, Tennesee at Chattanooga, Head Coach

csu-coach“I am really looking forward to the opportunity to see some great junior golfers. This will be a great experience for both coaches and players.”

– Mike Wilson, Charleston Southern University, Head Coach

vt-coach“I am thrilled to be a part of the college golf camps! Being able to pass on helpful information to juniors regarding their games and the recruiting process is a valuable tool for the players and the coaches.”

– Carol Robertson, Virginia Tech University, Head Coach

ksu-coach“The College Golf Camp in Orlando was a great experience. It is a great opportunity for prospective student athletes and their families to educate themselves on the recruiting process and learn more about the college golf experience.”

– Jay Moseley, Kennesaw State

stetson-coach“Thank you so much for the opportunity to be a part of a “GREAT PLAN’ , I thought it was a win – win for everyone. I really think it was beneficial for the parents to be able to hear and speak to all the Coaches on site and to see how involved we were with their children.”

– Larry Watson, Stetson University, Head Coach

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