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2016 NCAA Division I Women’s Golf Regional Championships – Baton Rouge, LA

It’s an exciting time for NCAA Golf. Teams are traveling and qualifying for a chance to win the 2016 NCAA Championships in Eugene, Oregon.

Websters dictionary defines probability – the extent to which something is probable; the likelihood of something happening or being the case.

For the purpose of a fun discussion, what if you could predict future performance? Or what if you could predict the outcome of a certain tournament? This is nearly impossible to do in golf because of so many outside influences on score. Weather, golf course, bad luck, bad bounce, whatever, it’s next to impossible.

But what if you could calculate the probabilities of a tournament? For example, using statistical and econometric models you can produce the probabilities on how each team will finish in the NCAA Regional Tournaments. This is NOT a prediction, this is the probability on how each team will finish in each regional.

Through a complex systems of pulleys, levers, launch angles and calculations, we have listed the teams and how they will finish in the Baton Rouge Regional – 2016 NCAA Women’s Golf Championships. To see other Regional Probabilities, Baton Rouge, LABryan, TXShoal Creek, ALStanford, CA

Baton Rouge Regional – Probability or likelihood on how the teams will finish.

1. Duke

2. Florida

3. Arizona State

4. Washington

5. Oregon

6. BYU

7. LSU

8. Houston

9. North Carolina State

10. Harvard

11. New Mexico

12. Augusta

13. Wichita State

14. Denver

15. East Carolina

16. FDU

17. South Carolina

18. North Florida

disclaimer: no minions were harmed during this research project. smile

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