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Improve your tempo with Tempo in Motion similar to Jordan Spieth

How can you improve your swing tempo?  What are you currently doing now to improve the rhythm of your golf swing?

Rhythm is the heart of every sport!  Train your rhythm and personalize your ideal tempo to perform your best.

Tempo in Motion is the first in-depth system to mastering your rhythm for optimal performance.”

Jordan Spieth’s swing coach Cameron McCormick – “Tempo in Motion is the best means to find the sync in your swing. You’ll be amazed at how solid and straight you can start hitting it.”

What is Tempo in Motion?

Tempo in Motion is the best Rhythm and Tempo System for Sports Training. We combine scientifically engineered music and tools designed to determine and perfect your tempo and rhythm. Our company has developed software and a unique system with the feedback and support of many sports professionals.  Tempo in Motion also provides the only streaming radio for tempo and rhythm training.

Payne Stewart’s Rhythm and Tempo by Pat O’Brien “The overall goal when you putt or play golf is to have a flow or rhythm about you. That’s why I love Tempo in Motion!”

– Pat O’Brien Short Game Coach to 2007 Masters Champion Zach Johnson

Find, analyze, and perfect your individual tempo and rhythm with our proven system that uses auditory click patterns and music tracks to sync your movement for any sport.  Coaches and trainers work to strengthen the body and mind.  Tempo in Motion is the glue that ties it all together.

What are some of the benefits of Tempo in Motion?

Here are some benefits that golfers and golf coaches have reported:

  • Improved motion sequence
  • Consistency
  • Good rhythm
  • More power
  • Longer distance
  • Better swing plane
  • Concentration/ focus
  • Less stress
  • More drive
  • Improved accuracy
  • More fun at the range

Future Champions Golf continues to grow with new junior golf directors and Canadian tournaments

Future Champions Golf growth continues.  FCG, a key College Golf Camps partner is planning for new tournaments in Kansas, Canada and now names new tournament directors in Texas, Kansas, Northern California, Southern California, Northern Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and Canada.

Founded by Chris Smeal, PGA in fall 2003, Chris has a passion for junior golf.  FCG and Chris have become the experts in junior golf development and tournament hosts.  FCG’s upcoming tournament now has over 500 junior golfers registered.

Carlos Brown named tournament director in Texas

Carlos is set to host the Inaugural FCG CBGA Texas Invitational in early summer 2018 in Dallas, TX. The event will be a qualifier for the FCG Callaway World Championship now annually played at the Westin Mission Hills.  Stay tuned for more information about this special event and check out our other FCG Texas Tournaments here!

Carlos has been involved with Future Champions Golf for many years now including bringing a team to San Diego for the Callaway Junior Cup event featuring Chris Smeal Golf Academy verses the Carlos Brown Academy.  Carlos sends his players to several of the annual FCG Tournaments.

Carlos is a proud member of the Callaway Elite Staff Team

TJ Atley named tournament director in Canada. 

Future Champions Golf Tour to host a special event in Vancouver, Canada.  June 26-27-28 – first two days Hazelmere GC (1 pm start) and the final day Swan –E-Set Bay Resort

FCG NorCal Tournament Director – Greg Dumlao


Greg has hosted FCG events in Northern CA annually for 4 years and will be bringing more events to different areas over the next several years.  These events will expand our National Tour, create more opportunities for players to qualify for the prestigious FCG Callaway World Championship, and much more.

Vincent Martinico – FCG Tournament Director for Arizona and Nevada Events

Vincent has been with the Future Champions Golf staff for over a year and has excelled in becoming a Tournament Director.  Vincent will oversee development of key events in Nevada and Arizona as well as the San Diego Kids and One Day Series Events.  Meet Vincent next week at the FCG Arizona Championship being played at Ocotillo Golf Course!

Vincent will work alongside FCG Director of Operations, Antrone Williams.

Maranie Jaslowski – FCG Tournament Director for Southern California and Northern Mexico (Tijuana)

Maranie has been a driving force behind the Tournament Program for Future Champions Golf for years and now will be responsible for overseeing all Southern California events throughout all the levels of the program. She will work directly with Antrone Williams, Director of Operations on all facets of the tour.

FCG will be hosting an event in Tijuana, MX in 2018 with the support of the Tijuana CC and host Ricardo Montemayor.

Josh Nahm to host FCG Kansas State Championship in 2018

Josh is set to host the inaugural FCG Kansas State Championship in Spring 2018 with the top finishers earning a spot in the 2018 FCG Callaway World Championship!


FCG’s tournament headquarters and golf academy are located at Stadium Golf Center in San Diego, CA.



Spend 5 minutes a day to create more lag, more release thus more distance for junior golfers

Here is one of our favorite golfers of all time, Stan Utley.  Mr. Utley and his son attended one of our junior golf exposure camps in Dallas.  We talked about many many aspects of junior golf.  One topic of discussion was “how do we get junior golfers to release the golf club?”.  Further discussion brought us to the Orange Whip.  Mr. Utley firmly believes the Orange Whip naturally creates lag in the golf swing.  Thus creating a release of the golf club.  Listen to this great video with Mr. Utley.

“I use the Orange Whip to make sure my swing is how I want it” – William McGirt, PGA Tour Winner

Designed exclusively for juniors, the lighter weight and shorter length of the Orange Whip Junior, allows junior golfers to feel if they are maximizing their swing tempo and balance.

Three key components that make up the patented design of the Orange Whip Junior; a weighted orange ball, a counterweight, and a very flexible shaft.

The orange ball replaces the clubhead and allows you to focus on swinging naturally without worrying about the position of the club face. It’s weighted to promote a fluid swinging motion rather than a jerky hitting motion.

The counterweight balances the Orange Whip Compact, stabilizing your swing from the start through the finish. It’s essential in providing critical feedback on whether you are loading and unloading the golf club properly.

Our proprietary shaft naturally promotes the need to swing in rhythm creating synchronization between your arms, upper body, and lower body. The result is a perfect tempo and balanced swing creating more consistent and powerful shot-making on the course.

Feedback from the Orange Whip Mid-Size is instant and any wobble in the swing indicates a need to improve tempo and balance. Swinging it, you will naturally find the tour like motion needed to be a better golfer.

Benefits of Using the Orange Whip

One of the best and often overlooked features of the Orange Whip is the ability to use it indoors without compromising its unparalleled performance. It only requires a minimal amount of space and 5-10 minutes of training time per day. No golf swing trainer is more time efficient and effective. You can work with an Orange Whip year-round and never again have to depend on weather conditions or daylight when you want to improve your golf swing and fitness. It’s the ideal tool for those living in challenging winter environments and busy individuals with little time to practice.

The Foundation Drills are the core group of training exercises designed to maximize the effect of the Orange Whip. These can be performed in a single daily workout. To increase benefits to fitness and flexibility, 2 or more sets per day are recommended. In general, only 5 to 10 min every day is required to notice some results. This minimal time requirement makes it easy for almost anyone to incorporate these drills into their schedule.

When used regularly, the golfer will quickly see noticeable improvements in their golf swing such as, increased flexibility and strength, enhanced coordination, and a perfectly balanced tempo.

The weight on each end of the flexible shaft provides a low-impact stretch while swinging.

The Orange Whip provides a core muscle workout when used during repetitive motion drills. The wrists and forearms receive a workout doing various drills and during the hinging action while swinging.

The Orange Whip synchronizes the arms and body while swinging it repetitively. If this motion is out of sync, the user will lose their balance and/or feel awkward.

As the arms and body work together, a natural rhythm takes over the swing. This is how your tempo develops, some may be fast or slow, yet always in balance with an efficient motion.

With an Orange Whip, anyone can make the most out of the winter months and improve without hitting golf balls. If a golfer trains their swing without using a ball, the mind and body will allow the swing to develop naturally. The Orange Whip can eliminate the ‘hit’ instinct from your mind and consistency can be developed.

In addition, once a person athletically learns how to swing the Orange Whip, I encourage the user to try and feel where the Orange ball would release off the end of the shaft. This is a great mental exercise for those who want to improve the accuracy of their golf shots.

When using the Orange Whip indoors, make sure there is sufficient space to swing freely in all directions. A garage or spaces with vaulted ceilings are ideal. Be sure to eliminate all obstacles and restrictions prior to swinging. Pay special attention to doors and entrance areas. Do not swing the whip near these areas and take the necessary precautions to avoid contact with unsuspecting persons entering a space near the path of the Whip.

Junior Golfers yardage books, Why? DIY yardage

Junior Golfers Yardage

College Golf Coaches are constantly seeking information about junior golfers and yardage books.  Coaches ask themselves often, “is this junior golfer organized? does he/she have a game plan?”  

All competitive golfers are looking for any advantage to maximize their scoring potential during tournament play as long as it’s within the rules of the game.  You can do this yourself.  That’s right, you can create a game plan with a DIY yardage book.  

After several years as a parent of a junior golfer, Michael Carter and his daughter Larissa created a do-it-yourself yardage book company called Go To Caddie. Since it’s inauguration in 2015, Go To Caddie yardage books are being used by professional and junior golfers around the world. In addition, their My Caddie Pro yardage book has been incorporated into top college golf programs throughout the country.

A yardage book is an essential tool that all professional golfers and caddies use when taking notes prior and often during practice rounds before a tournament. In the past, both player and caddie would spend hours familiarizing themselves with the course design. Now with new internet technology, they can design their yardage books from home allowing them to have accurate measurements throughout the course prior to even stepping on the first tee box.  DO IT YOURSELF with Go To Caddie Excellent stocking stuffer for Christmas!!

My Caddie Junior Yardage Book 6 pack

junior golfers yardage

College Golf Camps
Upcoming Events

The My Caddie yardage book is designed for rising junior competitive golfers.

Yardage books can help eliminate costly mistakes and erase any doubt from a player and caddie’s mind by servicing them both with their own accurate information and game plan. This gives a mental edge to a player by having confidence over every shot. These notes can provide accurate yardages for distances from the tee box to hazards and landing areas in and around fairways and on the green.

A properly filled out yardage book also provides detailed sketches and measurements of the greens giving the player knowledge of landing areas where the pin is located. Players can then confidently assess their plan of attack or defense for each approach shot during a round.  DO IT YOURSELF with Go To Caddie 

My Caddie Junior Yardage Book 6 pack

junior golfers yardage

A yardage book is a definitive tool for course management and a critical piece of equipment for the modern game.

Yardage books are one of the best-kept secrets in golf. Juniors and amateurs inspiring to improve their game will be well served to learn how to use one. Whether you’re preparing for a match at your local club or sharpen your skills in preparation for college, learning the correct use of a yardage book will maximize your scoring potential. DO IT YOURSELF with Go To Caddie 

The My Caddie Pro is a do-it-yourself yardage book that can be used on any course. Our book allows the player to:

  • Eliminate costly mistakes and determine a strategy for each hole
  • Document precise measurements for distance from any area on the course
  • Draw detailed sketches of fairways, hazards, and greens
  • Play with confidence knowing whether to hit attack or defend shots to the green
  • Draw slopes and breaks for more accurate putts on the greens
  • Record data in the stat tracker to learn areas of strengths and weaknesses

10 secrets to raise your SAT/ACT score with Prep Expert a Mark Cuban Company

College Golf Camps is focused on offering junior golfers everything they need to play college golf.  One of the most common questions at our camps is “What is a good SAT/ACT score?” or “How many times should I take the SAT/ACT?”.

College Golf Camps is not the expert in the test-taking field, however, we know the expert, Shaan Patel at 

You may have heard of Shaan Patel.  He was originally on the show “Shark Tank”.  Mark Cuban invested and now Shaan is becoming a household name.

Shaan Patel, an associate of College Golf Camps is now offering a 50% discount on the following products.

1. 6-Week Flagship SAT/ACT Prep Course
2. 3-Week Fast Track SAT/ACT Prep Course
3. Self-Paced Video SAT/ACT Prep Course
4. Weekend Review SAT/ACT Prep Course
Please College Golf Camps and ask how to activate the 50% discount.


Athlete’s Mental Edge – how can YOU improve quickly!!

College Golf Camps is on a mission to improve junior golf.  What if you could predict future performance?  What if you could identify areas for improvement?  What if you could measure the “it” factor?

Every junior golfer sends college coaches their resumes filled with relatable data about their golf games.  Swing profile, tournament profile, stats, test scores, videos, etc.  Almost never do you see junior golfers measuring their mental game or their competitiveness.   What if you could provide your swing coach or college coaches your mental framework.  In terms of, how do you best respond to direction?  College Golf Camps research team has found a way to help identify your mental holes and more importantly how to fill them.

How would you respond to the following comments:

“I am more concerned about details and take more time to polish and perfect my skills than most people I know.”

“I am more capable of staying focused on the game in pressure situations than most people I know.”

“Other people in my life have to accept the fact that my education, my sport, or my career comes first.”

“Others would describe me as a person who performs extremely well under pressure.”

“I compete with myself physically.”

You need to take this test.  It will blow your mind.  Your development will soar to new heights.  More importantly, your trajectory for improvement will increase dramatically.

Would you like to take this test?

Dr. Nick Molinaro, a College Golf Camp associate uses this test to improve player performance.


Learn more about TAIS, click here

Athlete’s Mental Edge (AME) Fact Sheet


AME is an innovative Web-based program designed to provide athletes with detailed mental toughness assessment and training strategies to help them perform better in competitive, pressure-filled situations. Critical performance factors include focus, confidence, discipline, and leadership.  AME is based on the internationally respected and widely used TAIS (The Attentional and Interpersonal Style) test, which was developed by Dr. Robert Nideffer in 1976. Every athlete, from the high profile professional to the weekend warrior, can now Perform Under PressureÔ by participating in the program and comparing their results with top athletes in various sports.

WHO can use AME?

Any recreational, amateur or professional athlete interested in performing at their fullest potential.

Coaches at any level interested in getting maximum effort out of their players.

Parents who want to help their sons or daughters to focus on success.

HOW does AME work?

Participants answer an easy-to-understand on-line inventory that measures attentional strengths and weaknesses, decision-making style and interpersonal preference.  Based on TAIS technology, AME provides a direct link between concentration, personality characteristics and performance.  AME provides a detailed diagnosis of the individual athlete and provides vital feedback that teaches users how to better concentrate and focus their minds in pressure-filled sports scenarios.  Aside from on-line instruction, users can take advantage of a team of leading sport psychology professionals that offer personalized face-to-face evaluation and assistance for athletes and teams.

WHERE does AME draw its information from?

Winning Mind has collected over 25 years of TAIS data from comparison groups including Olympians, professional athletes, coaches, high-level amateur athletes, military leaders, business executives and sales managers. AME comparison groups include MLB 1st Round Draft Picks, NBA players, coaches, NCAA football players, elite and amateur golfers, Olympic basketball, hockey, skiing, cycling and volleyball athletes and tennis pros.


Ask questions, seek advice, it’s FREE information for junior golfers, parents, coaches, everyone!!

We have created a community of people through our junior golf camps that we are very proud of.  We have so many visitors asking great questions.  Here, we provide a stage for FREE information, advice and opinions, share joys and 3 putts, don’t mention the word shank.  Most importantly, we want you to  interact with other junior golfers, parents, coaches, instructors, etc.  College Golf Camps Forum 

Who are these regular visitors? Some are junior golfers or parents of junior golfers or coaches or whoever.  Some are experts in a field of study such as mental training, fitness, swing mechanics, etc 

Ask questions, volunteer advice, talk about your experiences … Anything related to golf….kind of like standing on a driving range…..

We ask that you take a minute to read the forum rules and etiquette.

What are the Forum Rules? College Golf Camps Forums 

We ask that you follow these simple rules to allow us to keep our forums open to all that may want to post. We ask that you respect the purpose of the forum and do not act in any way that harasses or personally attacks an individual or group of individuals. We also insist that you act in a manner that ensures a high quality of discussion in the stated purpose of the message board.

Thank you and please read on.

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Enjoy the College Golf Camps Forums

2017 Junior Golf signees as announced by the NCAA schools

Junior Golf Scoreboard is a great source of information junior golf families.

Congratulations to all of the junior golfers listed below.  Remember, when you sign your letter of intent that is when the real work begins.

CGC Staff

Listed below are the 2017 signees as announced by the schools listed and provided to the Junior Golf Scoreboard. We congratulate all of these junior golfers and wish them the best in their college careers. (D-I schools with a * and D-III schools do not offer athletic scholarships. Players shown for those programs are listed here after they have made a deposit and have been admitted to the school)

Total Signees 726  Girls: 264  Boys: 462

Click Here for Boys


First Name
Last Name
School (s) = spring signing
as of Signing
Score board Class
Ranking as of
Signing Date
Alyaa Abdulghany Southern Cal -5.96 3 D-I
Ella Adams Kansas State Not Ranked D-I
Shawnee Allen Sam Houston State -0.09 78 D-I
Harriet Allsebrook Rutgers Not Ranked D-I
Holly Anderson Ball State Not Ranked D-I
Carolina Andrade Florida International 0.88 86 D-I
Addie Baggarly Florida -2.22 18 D-I
Julie Baker Southern Miss 2.11 196 D-I
Amanda Baker Cleveland State 7.79 466 D-I
Conner Beth Ball Mississippi -1.03 40 D-I
Yifei Bao Georgetown 0.14 71 D-I
Meredith Barton Tusculum College 20.97 776 D-II
Ciara Bauman Alderson Broaddus Not Ranked D-II
Morgan Baxendale Vanderbilt -1.25 36 D-I
Taylor Bedell Wichita State Not Ranked D-I
Tara Bellte UNC – Greensboro Not Ranked D-I
Brooke Benedetto Lee University 3.99 229 D-II
Ava Bergner UNC Not Ranked D-I
Lauren Bird Hofstra Not Ranked D-I
Ann Catherine Blackburn Belmont 6.08 379 D-I
Abby Bloom Wofford 10.41 583 D-I
Madison Braman William & Mary 3.42 199 D-I
Hannah Bratton Tennessee Tech 6.91 414 D-I
Emily Brennan Midwestern State Not Ranked D-II
Alexis Brindley Winthrop 4.13 283 D-I
Louisa Brunt Texas Tech Not Ranked D-I
Lexi Bubenchik Texas A & M – Commerce Not Ranked D-II
Rosemarie Bundy Southern Illinois 6.78 437 D-I
Sophie Burks Middle Tennessee State 3.01 231 D-I
Mackenzie Butler Tusculum College Not Ranked D-II
Najae Butler Fairleigh Dickinson 6.99 412 D-I
Madison Butler Cleveland State 5.53 334 D-I
Michaela Cain Point Loma Nazarene University 5.38 366 D-II
Elizabeth Caldarelli Texas A & M 1.73 114 D-I
Caroline Cantlay Cal Poly San Luis Obispo 0.77 74 D-I
Gioia Carpinelli San Diego State Not Ranked D-I
Kathryn Carson East Carolina -0.88 71 D-I
Caroline Caudill Middle Tennessee State 2.80 169 D-I
Caroline Cavin Western Kentucky 3.47 205 D-I
Lauren Chappell SMU 0.79 80 D-I
Lorraine Char Rutgers 4.74 270 D-I
Serena Chon UC – Riverside 0.49 85 D-I
Megan Clarke Western Kentucky Not Ranked D-I
Ana Laura Collado Diaz Central Florida -0.41 47 D-I
Serina Combs Presbyterian College 6.08 360 D-I
Riley Cooper Austin Peay 5.78 321 D-I
Emily Cox Southern Mississippi 1.77 153 D-I
Chloe Currie College of Charleston -1.34 52 D-I
Julia Dean Arkansas – Fayetteville 0.09 75 D-I
Lauren Decker UNC – Charlotte 10.88 580 D-I
Madison Derousse Alabama State Not Ranked D-I
Gabrielle DeSombre Yale ** -0.34 81 D-I
Sophia DiGesualdo SMU 1.48 136 D-I
Angela Ding Lehigh ** 4.19 233 D-I
Petra Duran Georgia State Not Ranked D-I
Brooke Duzan Lamar 3.54 219 D-I
Anna Eddy Wofford 3.29 191 D-I
Isabell Ekstrom Campbell Not Ranked D-I
Fernanda Escauriza San Diego State Not Ranked D-I
Jillian Farrell UNC – Charlotte Not Ranked D-I
Sophie Faulkner Rollins Not Ranked D-II
Claire Fitzgerald Wisconsin 0.68 108 D-I
Ashley Flynn Ohio University 5.91 388 D-I
Nicole Foster Seattle 3.95 245 D-I
Stephanie Fowler UAB 6.95 411 D-I
Ashely Fowler UNC – Charlotte Not Ranked D-I
Lacy Fox Nebraska – Kearney Not Ranked D-II
Taylor French Taylor University 11.20 615 NAIA
Samantha Fritzinger Wingate University 5.43 334 D-II
Vendela From Seattle Not Ranked D-I
Matilda Frovenholt Carson-Newman Not Ranked D-II
Paige Lee Garris Texas A & M – Commerce 3.75 228 D-II
Cassidy Gavanagh Monmouth Not Ranked D-I
Allyson Geer Michigan State -4.09 8 D-I
Caitie Gehlhausen High Point 5.98 375 D-I
Juanita Gomez Midwestern State Not Ranked D-II
Sofia Gomez Enriquez Northern Illinois 2.24 177 D-I
Kendall Griffin LSU -1.61 28 D-I
Alyssa Gromala Wisconsin 2.94 224 D-I
Kristina Gutierrez Texas A & M – Kingsville 6.09 354 D-II
Aubrey Guyton Newberry College 11.05 609 D-II
Roos Haarman University of Miami Not Ranked D-I
Mackenzie Hahn Wisconsin 7.67 465 D-I
Olivia Hamilton College of Charleston Not Ranked D-I
Katie Hamilton MIssouri S & T Not Ranked D-II
Leah Hanson Wisonson – Green Bay Not Ranked D-I
Madelyn Hawkins Bradley University 2.39 203 D-I
Amanda Hayes Ohio University 8.49 511 D-I
Muni He Southern Cal -4.16 6 D-I
Anni Heck Denver 1.35 145 D-I
Abigail Heck Notre Dame -0.65 30 D-I
Sophia Hemleben Ashland Unversity 3.94 288 D-II
Karlei Hemler McNeese State -0.12 138 D-I
Sophie-Charlott Hempel Texas A & M – Commerce Not Ranked D-II
Mindy Herrick North Florida 3.52 190 D-I
Olivia Hickson Huntingdon College 5.22 337 D-III
Mary Kate Hiller UNC – Charlotte 2.76 174 D-I
Taylor Hinson UNC – Asheville 1.19 128 D-I
Claire Hodges Virginia 1.18 94 D-I
Macy Holliday Mississippi 1.62 110 D-I
Sabrina Hoskins Loyola – Chicago 2.29 160 D-I
Kaitlyn Howe Nebraska – Kearney Not Ranked D-II
Yin-Chu Huang Portland State Not Ranked D-I
Ping Huang Southern Mississippi Not Ranked D-I
Isabel Huntsman McNeese State 5.90 388 D-I
Maddie Hurt Northern Illinois 4.68 317 D-I
Lauren Ingle Northern Illinois -0.51 88 D-I
Reid Isaac Kansas State -1.01 37 D-I
Julia Johnson Mississippi -1.51 41 D-I
Dorminy Johnson UAB 5.49 369 D-I
Lexi Jonas Sioux Falls Not Ranked D-II
Aubree Jones Mississippi State -3.14 14 D-I
Tiffany-Minji Kang Mercer 0.59 102 D-I
Lexi Keene Northern Arizona 2.03 112 D-I
Keri Kenkel UNC – Greensboro 2.71 197 D-I
Kaycee Kennedy William Penn University Not Ranked NAIA
Ashley Kim Michigan -0.80 39 D-I
Elizabeth Kim Ball State 2.52 232 D-I
Sara Kjellker San Diego State Not Ranked D-I
Caroline Klemp Denver 2.51 184 D-I
Kristine Kloda Keiser University Not Ranked NAIA
Mia Kness Seton Hall Not Ranked D-I
Ashley Knight Cleveland State 5.46 343 D-I
Emily Knoff Ball State Not Ranked D-I
Chinatsu Kobayashi Central Florida -0.53 64 D-I
Kehler Koss New Mexico State Not Ranked D-I
Kayla Kozak Central Florida -0.73 69 D-I
Anna Kramer University of Indianapolis Not Ranked D-I
Tamy Kreuzer Lynn University Not Ranked D-II
Ragnhildur Kristinsdottir Eastern Kentucky Not Ranked D-I
Ashley Kulka Wisonson – Green Bay 4.33 311 D-I
Kayla Kwong UC – Riverside 5.66 320 D-I
Ying Tung Queenie Lai Quinnipiac 4.48 240 D-I
Alisha Lau Colorado -0.06 79 D-I
Jami Laude Central Michigan 4.03 266 D-I
Morgan Lay Texas A & M -0.60 42 D-I
Jessica Lee Minnesota 1.25 109 D-I
Cameron Lee San Diego State 0.08 63 D-I
Hannah Lemons Ashland Unversity Not Ranked D-II
Niamh Lendrum Missouri State Not Ranked D-I
Rachel Leucuta Central Michigan 10.40 566 D-I
Beth Lillie Virginia -2.17 17 D-I
Kate Lillie Minnesota 1.62 159 D-I
Tammy Lim New Mexico State Not Ranked D-I
Bibilani Liu Boston College -1.10 54 D-I
Mika Liu Stanford -2.82 11 D-I
Alejandra Lobelo Boise State Not Ranked D-I
Angela Marie Lopez Cincinnati -0.97 48 D-I
Cammi Lucia Western Michigan 8.45 498 D-I
Keisha Lugito Seattle 3.92 222 D-I
Wenyan Ma Washington 1.87 121 D-I
Brooke MacKinnon Hartford 3.21 235 D-I
Emily Mahar Virginia Tech -1.52 43 D-I
Reece Malapit Ball State 5.98 385 D-I
Summer Marshall Point Loma Nazarene University 7.60 448 D-II
Erika Martin Maryville University Not Ranked D-II
Loren Matrone Oklahoma City University 8.06 472 NAIA
Julia Matzat Memphis 0.75 99 D-I
Sarah May Stetson 2.98 205 D-I
Ashley Mayhall Georgetown 1.81 103 D-I
Julie McCarthy Auburn Not Ranked D-I
McKenzie McCoy Oklahoma City University 8.26 471 NAIA
Sarah McDowell Murray State 8.60 516 D-I
Emilyee McGiles Southern Illinois 6.65 424 D-I
Niamh McSherry Kansas State Not Ranked D-I
Madeline Messin Minnesota State Not Ranked D-I
Lori Meyer Wisonson – Green Bay 6.97 444 D-I
Abigail Meyers Loyola – Chicago Not Ranked D-I
Emilia Migliaccio Wake Forest -5.75 2 D-I
Vasy Montague High Point 5.61 356 D-I
Hannah Moore Colorado Mesa Not Ranked D-II
Alisaundre Morallos Illinois -1.49 25 D-I
Kyleigh Moran Sioux Falls Not Ranked D-II
Angelica Moresco Alabama Not Ranked D-I
Amber Nelson Saint Francis Not Ranked NAIA
Elizabeth Nguyen Georgetown 1.84 140 D-I
Alexandra Nutter Sioux Falls 11.46 598 D-II
Mychael O’Berry Auburn -0.10 91 D-I
Raquel Olmos Arizona State Not Ranked D-I
Taylor Ornelas MIssouri S & T 6.25 309 D-II
Kaitlyn Papp Texas -4.75 5 D-I
Amber Park Texas A & M -0.85 35 D-I
Valeria Patino Idaho Not Ranked D-I
Maribeth Peevy Belmont 2.34 194 D-I
Christine Perez Point Loma Nazarene University 2.09 138 D-II
Sarah Perine Towson 4.01 272 D-I
Lexi Perry Boise State 2.75 214 D-I
Natalie Petersen Georgia Southern 1.43 147 D-I
Shotika Phadungmartvorakul Oregon Not Ranked D-I
Valeria Pichardo Southern Mississippi Not Ranked D-I
Abbey Pierce Grand Valley State 6.33 360 D-II
Savannah Quick Middle Tennessee State Not Ranked D-I
Carson Racich Tennessee State 10.44 592 D-I
Kara Raines Youngstown State 7.63 464 D-I
Sharmaine Rapisura Louisiana – Monroe 4.35 265 D-I
Megan Ratcliffe Hawaii 3.40 188 D-I
Lizzie Reedy University of Richmond -1.81 24 D-I
Katie Reeves Midwestern State 6.88 407 D-II
Jordan Remley Wyoming 2.63 214 D-I
Sophia Riart Northern Illinois Not Ranked D-I
Gracie Richens BYU 4.63 278 D-I
Rebecca Robinson Cornerstone University Not Ranked NAIA
Barbara Roether Morehead State Not Ranked D-I
Kesaree Rojanapeansatith San Fransisco 1.48 140 D-I
Randi Romack Tulsa 0.57 87 D-I
Jennifer Rosenberg Tulane 1.67 122 D-I
Moyea Russell Southern Illinois 3.53 247 D-I
Sara Rydman UNC – Greensboro Not Ranked D-I
Thitaree Sakulbunpanich Delaware Not Ranked D-I
Alanis Sakuma Ohio State 1.59 124 D-I
Sienna Scibird Cal Poly San Luis Obispo 2.05 131 D-I
Sofia Seldemirova Ohio State Not Ranked D-I
Courtney Sharkey Cal State – Fullerton -0.49 66 D-I
Andie Shukow Xavier 2.25 130 D-I
Christen Simons Texas A & M – Commerce 2.84 210 D-II
Jayla Sims Carson-Newman 8.36 501 D-II
Megan Skoog Butler 6.68 401 D-I
Nicole Ann Smith Fairleigh Dickinson Not Ranked D-I
Mariah Smith Tennessee -1.09 50 D-I
Joan Soewondo San Fransisco -1.19 45 D-I
Naomi Soifua BYU Not Ranked D-I
Emma Solovic Central Missouri Not Ranked D-II
Brooke Statema Cornerstone University Not Ranked NAIA
Siarra Stout UNC – Charlotte 1.13 97 D-I
Katie Stribling Colorado 0.24 76 D-I
Ellinor Sudow UNC – Charlotte Not Ranked D-I
Reena Sulkar Illinois 0.19 113 D-I
Nicole Suppelsa Boise State 2.49 169 D-I
Beata Suurwee Keiser University Not Ranked NAIA
Kennedy Swann Clemson -2.12 22 D-I
Alexis Szewczyk Stephen F Austin 5.09 291 D-I
Paphangkorn Tavatanakit UCLA -6.74 1 D-I
Tiegan Taylor New Mexico State 3.82 226 D-I
Kaleigh Telfer Auburn Not Ranked D-I
Tyra Tonkham Hawaii 2.11 118 D-I
Kimberlee Tottori Seattle 0.33 73 D-I
Salma Toufik Keiser University Not Ranked NAIA
Julia Tournant Northwestern Not Ranked D-I
Anne Transier Seattle 3.69 230 D-I
Victoria Utrop Youngstown State Not Ranked D-I
Lara Van Staden Rollins Not Ranked D-II
Maria Jose Atristain Vega Arkansas State Not Ranked D-I
Clarissa von StoschY College of Charleston Not Ranked D-I
Lauren Waidner Florida 0.65 90 D-I
Brianna Walker Central Missouri 8.36 478 D-II
Megan Ward Snead State Community College 11.24 587 NJCAA
Julia Warke Fairleigh Dickinson Not Ranked D-I
Sahara Washington Hawaii 1.33 145 D-I
Waverly Whiston Tennessee -2.49 19 D-I
Emma Whitaker Oklahoma State 0.08 82 D-I
Maddie White BYU 1.24 108 D-I
Rosie Wiethop Christian Brothers University 13.10 669 D-II
Abigail Willcoxon Texas A & M – Kingsville 8.65 492 D-II
Olivia Williams Carson-Newman 6.60 416 D-II
Melanie Wilmert Maryville University Not Ranked D-II
Madison Wood UC – Davis 0.95 87 D-I
Ella Woods JMU 2.54 150 D-I
Kelly Yang Stephen F Austin 3.12 225 D-I
Alissa Yang Georgia -2.86 21 D-I
Louise Yu Vanderbilt 0.80 111 D-I
Ashley Zagers Florida Southern 1.36 96 D-I
Selina Zeng University of Pennsylvania ** -1.74 29 D-I
Kelsey Zeng Stanford -2.09 12 D-I
Noelle Zurick Hofstra Not Ranked D-I

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First Name
Last Name
School (s) = spring signing
as of Signing
Scoreboard Class
Ranking as of
Signing Date
Reilly Ahearn Missouri – St. Louis 1.40 695 D-I
Jack Aisncough Colorado State Not Ranked D-I
Drew Alexander Valparaiso 1.66 626 D-I
JonErik Alford Ohio State -1.28 114 D-I
Chase Allison Abilene Christian 1.73 472 D-I
Thomas Allkins Texas Tech -1.85 83 D-I
Mason Andersen Arizona State -3.37 25 D-I
Samuel Anderson Wisconsin 1.39 462 D-I
Daniel Anfield Illinois State -0.02 291 D-I
Punwit Anupansuebsai San Diego State Not Ranked D-I
Kengo Aoshima Wake Forest 0.21 268 D-I
Ashwin Arasu Stanford -2.23 59 D-I
Tate Arends South Dakota 4.06 1087 D-I
Nathan Arnold Wright State 2.80 854 D-I
Jack Avrit Santa Clara -0.46 196 D-I
John Axelsen Florida Not Ranked D-I
Holden Backes Gonzaga 0.47 488 D-I
Thomas Bailey Georgia Southwestern State Not Ranked D-II
Nick Baker Seattle 2.47 771 D-I
Philip Barbaree LSU -3.43 8 D-I
Griffin Barela Wisconsin -0.39 220 D-I
Lachlan Barker Iowa State Not Ranked D-I
Gabriel Barnes Cal State – Northridge 0.14 300 D-I
Jacob Bayer Georgia Southern -2.02 58 D-I
Beau Bayerl Akron 0.60 376 D-I
Jake Benson Rice Not Ranked D-I
Reed Bentley College of Charleston -0.02 242 D-I
Cole Berger Lafayette College ** 0.77 424 D-I
Jacob Bergeron LSU -4.63 14 D-I
Brandon Berry Loyola – Maryland 2.49 663 D-I
Jordan Bessalel Middlebury College 3.82 980 D-III
Brant Bishop North Alabama Not Ranked D-II
Jules Blakely Cleveland State 2.17 664 D-I
Dustin Blank Elon 3.05 740 D-I
Devon Bling UCLA -3.32 24 D-I
Adam Bloome Texas Tech Not Ranked D-I
Jack Boczar Toledo 0.66 317 D-I
Victor Jimenez Bravo West Texas A & M Not Ranked D-II
Jared Bray St. Edwards 1.86 455 D-II
Jack Brea Applachian State 1.46 437 D-I
Christoffer Bring Texas Not Ranked D-I
Will Brooks Tennessee Tech 1.17 406 D-I
Mike Brothers Missouri – St. Louis -0.42 240 D-I
Stephen Brown George Washington 0.33 249 D-I
Evan Brown Loyola – Maryland 1.97 499 D-I
John Bryan Rhodes College 4.59 1053 D-III
Liam Bryden Nicholls State 0.51 368 D-I
Tim Bunten East Carolina 0.47 275 D-I
Zachary Burch Texas A & M – Commerce 1.95 499 D-II
Connor Burgess Virginia Tech -0.38 173 D-I
Samuel Butler Southern Utah 0.83 425 D-I
Jonathon Cachon South Florida -0.13 186 D-I
Everett Caldwell Murray State Not Ranked D-I
Crimson Callahan Western Kentucky 1.88 489 D-I
Connor Campbell Nicholls State 0.57 354 D-I
Tommy (Sen) Cao Central Florida -1.03 97 D-I
Colin Caporal Longwood 2.22 644 D-I
Cailyn Cardall Dixie State Not Ranked D-II
Stephen Carroll East Carolina 0.81 345 D-I
Cash Carter Texas -1.30 81 D-I
Michael Cascino Butler 0.54 398 D-I
Zachary Caudill Western Carolina 2.21 623 D-I
Ying-Shih Chang Menlo College 2.95 747 NAIA
Paul Chaplet Arizona State -3.56 17 D-I
Davis Chatfield Notre Dame -0.47 203 D-I
Mason Chiu Claremont-Mudd-Scripps 1.44 452 D-III
Brian Choe Kansas State -1.70 75 D-I
Varun Chopra Illinois -0.01 126 D-I
Cole Chrisman Idaho 0.78 419 D-I
Tate Chumley UT – Martin 2.50 720 D-I
Joseph Chun UC – Berkeley -2.04 47 D-I
Lukas Clark Penn State -0.48 191 D-I
Cameron Clarke Mississippi State 0.95 501 D-I
Alex Clouse Abilene Christian 0.24 197 D-I
Michael Coe Western Carolina 2.74 799 D-I
Gavin Cohen Arizona 0.45 230 D-I
Connor Coombs Murray State 3.81 1160 D-I
Anthony Cordaro Lehigh ** 2.16 626 D-I
Ricky Costello Iowa State 1.30 427 D-I
Kyle Cottam Clemson -1.95 78 D-I
Peyton Coursey Louisiana Tech -0.95 157 D-I
Zach Crawford Ohio University 0.75 411 D-I
Jimmy Criscione Monmouth 3.84 1000 D-I
Andrew Crockett Utah 0.89 285 D-I
Spencer Cross Tennessee -2.57 59 D-I
Jack Cunningham Ball State -0.55 207 D-I
Nick Daniel Louisiana Tech 1.85 532 D-I
Danny Daniels Iowa State Not Ranked D-I
Evan Davis Belmont 0.20 356 D-I
Ryan Davis UT – Martin 2.27 573 D-I
Daniel Davis Georgia College 3.40 890 D-II
Garrett deFisser William & Mary 0.05 278 D-I
Cameron Delaere Cal State – Fresno Not Ranked D-I
Devin Deogun Michigan State -1.98 67 D-I
Jake Doggett Midwestern State 1.62 542 D-II
Kristian Donaldson VCU Not Ranked D-I
Jeff Doty North Florida -0.49 151 D-I
Thomas Downing Central Connecticut State 0.38 392 D-I
Oliver Drew Weber State Not Ranked D-I
Hunter Duncan Radford 1.04 481 D-I
Austin Dyson Ohio University 3.51 999 D-I
Quinn Eaton Murray State 1.97 583 D-I
Christopher Ebster UNLV 0.46 406 D-I
Austin Eckroat Oklahoma State -3.00 19 D-I
Jared Edeen Wyoming 1.73 616 D-I
Hunter Eichhorn Marquette -2.06 155 D-I
Robert Eisch Florida -0.31 169 D-I
Ben El Cohn West Texas A & M Not Ranked D-II
Mason Elmore UNC 0.23 284 D-I
Justin Emmons UNC – Greensboro 0.49 321 D-I
Kristin Engle Tennessee Not Ranked D-I
Dan Erickson Texas A & M -3.72 10 D-I
Landon Ernst Arkansas -1.24 132 D-I
George Eubank South Carolina – Aiken -1.00 150 D-II
Skyler Eubank Boise State -0.30 230 D-I
Eric Evans Hartford -0.50 273 D-I
Raphael Even-Hen Weber State Not Ranked D-I
Ronald Fischang La Salle 1.75 588 D-I
Tyler Fitchett St. Edwards 1.98 753 D-II
Griffin Flesch Xavier Not Ranked D-I
Jake Forgay Samford 2.13 559 D-I
Paul Foulquie MIssouri – Kansas City Not Ranked D-I
Jay Fox Austin Peay 2.03 666 D-I
Chris Francoeur Rhode Island 1.11 540 D-I
Gustav Fransson Old Dominion Not Ranked D-I
Antonio Fuentes Eastern Michigan -1.20 215 D-I
Stuart Fuller University of Richmond 1.27 354 D-I
Austin Fulton Mississippi State -3.16 23 D-I
Chase Furey Harvard ** -2.28 32 D-I
Wilson Furr Alabama -4.02 4 D-I
Lino Galdin Mercer Not Ranked D-I
Wei Wei Gao Virginia -2.69 34 D-I
Simon Uribe Garcia Fairleigh Dickinson Not Ranked D-I
Carlo Antonio Gatmaytan DePaul 1.99 556 D-I
Harrison Gearhart Northeastern State 2.06 563 D-II
Ryan Gerard UNC -2.76 12 D-I
Angelo Giantsopoulos Drexel 0.60 310 D-I
Raphael Giebler College of Charleston Not Ranked D-I
Josh Gilkison Kent State 0.02 289 D-I
Parker Gillam Wake Forest -1.24 89 D-I
Benjamin Gilles Wisonson – Green Bay 3.67 998 D-I
Brandon Gillis Wake Forest -3.06 31 D-I
Ignacio Gimeno James Madison Not Ranked D-I
Matthew Giombetti Cal Poly – San Luis Obispo 0.75 257 D-I
Manuel Girona Florida -2.00 53 D-I
Thomas Giroux Oakland University 1.54 586 D-I
Shiso Go East Tennessee State -1.47 63 D-I
Brady Godwin Palm Beach Atlantic 0.70 398 D-II
Mark Goetz West Virginia 0.08 301 D-I
Patrick Golden College of Charleston 0.09 248 D-I
Paul Gonzalez Texas – Arlington -0.56 254 D-I
Christopher Gotterup Rutgers 0.00 176 D-I
D.J. Graham Ohio Christian University 4.32 1355 NAIA
Galven Green New Mexico Not Ranked D-I
J.J. Gresco UNLV -0.59 124 D-I
Ryan Grider Baylor -1.68 37 D-I
Benjamin Gruher Seattle 2.43 744 D-I
Jake Grula Central Florida -0.74 137 D-I
Keaton Gudz Oregon State -0.09 326 D-I
Ash Hakim St. Mary’s (CA) -0.51 177 D-I
Hunter Hammett Mississippi State -0.68 184 D-I
Wesley Hanson Valdosta State University 1.43 510 D-I
Austin Harold Dallas Baptist -0.83 277 D-I
Davis Harris Menlo College 4.96 1404 NAIA
Berk Harvey Santa Clara 2.15 652 D-I
Dustin Hasley Oral Roberts -3.40 41 D-I
Parker Haynes University of Findlay 5.06 1345 D-II
Trevor Hecht William & Mary 1.86 505 D-I
Nicholas Henderson Tennessee State 1.29 478 D-I
Jack Herceg Miami (Oxford) -0.14 221 D-I
Ryan Hicks United States Naval Academy -0.22 232 D-I
Harry Hillier Kansas Not Ranked D-I
Jacob Hoekert Taylor University Not Ranked NAIA
Jack Holberg South Dakota Not Ranked D-I
Augustin Hole New Mexico Not Ranked D-I
Jordan Holifield Southeastern Oklahoma State Not Ranked D-II
Carson Horak Colorado School of Mines -0.01 286 D-I
Craig Horton Shawnee State 8.90 2085 NAIA
Grant Horvat Palm Beach Atlantic 1.38 555 D-II
Anika Hovda McNeese State Not Ranked D-I
Ping Huang Southern Miss Not Ranked D-I
Kevin Huff Cal State – Fresno -0.05 284 D-I
Graham Hutchinson Elon Not Ranked D-I
Tom Hutchison UC – Davis -1.85 131 D-I
Fredrik Ingul Menlo College Not Ranked NAIA
Christian Ingul Menlo College Not Ranked D-I
Brett Inserra Loyola – Maryland -0.24 213 D-I
Ben Irvin Miami (OH) Hamilton 8.07 1974 IND
Alex Jamieson Notre Dame 0.16 289 D-I
Martin Jaramillo Xavier 1.41 326 D-I
Austin Jaramillo Southern Utah -0.77 218 D-I
Sam Jeffcoat UAB 3.64 1072 D-I
Miles Jena Ball State 1.40 474 D-I
Zihao Jin San Diego State -1.41 94 D-I
Tanner Johnson Ohio University 2.69 801 D-I
Devin Johnson Loyola – Chicago 1.29 634 D-I
Cooper Jones Wright State 3.99 1129 D-I
C.J. Jones Ball State 0.12 223 D-I
Jack Juskow Valparaiso 1.32 482 D-I
John Kalavritinos Bucknell ** 0.72 335 D-I
Zackary Kaneshiro Santa Clara -0.90 214 D-I
Shon Katahira Oregon State -1.51 136 D-I
Evan Katz Duke -2.22 44 D-I
Conner Kauffman Southwestern Oklahoma State -0.18 339 D-II
Donald Kay Oregon -1.23 123 D-I
Rishi Kejriwal Rice -1.33 84 D-I
Ken Keller Youngstown State 3.21 1018 D-I
Brady Keran Kennesaw State -1.31 99 D-I
Max Kettler Stephen F Austin 1.36 426 D-I
Brandon Kewalramani Boston College 0.95 279 D-I
Robbie Keyes Xavier -0.50 206 D-I
Riley Killip Sonoma State 0.95 523 D-II
David Kim La Salle 1.41 593 D-I
Sean Kinsey Dallas Baptist 0.95 511 D-I
Davis Kirk Lee University 0.01 260 D-II
Ken Kong Claremont-Mudd-Scripps Not Ranked D-III
Trevor Kosch Missouri – St. Louis -0.49 286 D-I
Matthew Kowalski Tusculum College Not Ranked D-II
Noah Kozack Menlo College 2.33 864 NAIA
Andrew Kozan Auburn -2.93 17 D-I
Cole Krantz Colorado -0.46 234 D-I
Colin Kresl Central Florida 0.67 309 D-I
Matt Kristick Temple 5.78 1548 D-I
Sachin Kumar VCU -1.85 73 D-I
Will Kurtz Kent State -2.15 91 D-I
Jacob Lackey Central Oklahoma 2.07 649 D-II
Andrew Lafferty Colorado State 0.71 302 D-I
Eddy Lai UCLA -2.03 52 D-I
Chase Landrum Western Kentucky -0.82 166 D-I
Justin Lane Binghamton University (SUNY) 0.84 342 D-I
Raphael Lapierre-Messier MIssouri – Kansas City Not Ranked D-I
Taylor Larsen MIssouri – Kansas City Not Ranked D-I
Bogle LaRue Belmont 0.11 277 D-I
Khan Lee Washington State 0.61 341 D-I
Jae Wook Lee Iowa 1.22 328 D-I
Won Jun Lee South Florida -5.01 1 D-I
Walker Lee Texas A & M -3.40 18 D-I
Mason Lenhart Cincinnati -0.33 252 D-I
Timothy Lim Drake 1.16 403 D-I
Frank Lindwall Iowa State -0.29 148 D-I
Kaiwen Liu UC – Berkeley -3.14 20 D-I
Alex Locke Maryville University Not Ranked D-II
Andrew Lombardo Colgate ** 0.46 356 D-I
Bryce Loosigian Cal Poly 2.17 666 D-I
Andy Lopez Stephen F Austin -1.29 94 D-I
Brett Loy Longwood 0.34 358 D-I
Jake Luett MIssouri S & T 3.44 1095 D-II
Quade Lukes Elon 0.36 305 D-I
Nicholas Lyerly UNC – Greensboro -3.11 42 D-I
Jeffrey Maciejewski Sam Houston State -0.33 193 D-I
Ian MacKenzie-Olson Bemidji State Not Ranked D-II
Ryan Magee Loyola – Chicago 1.58 445 D-I
Ryan Maine Washington State -0.03 273 D-I
Miguel Maisterra Missouri – St. Louis 1.29 295 D-I
Brandon Mancheno Auburn -3.68 16 D-I
Tristan Mandur Utah 0.24 311 D-I
Ethan Mangum Drexel 1.89 645 D-I
R.J. Manke Pepperdine -1.71 118 D-I
Alex Markham Samford -0.08 170 D-I
Carlos Marrero West Florida -1.84 84 D-II
Ryan Marter Wofford -0.60 180 D-I
Daniel Martinez Penn State -0.87 128 D-I
Zack Mason Eastern Michigan -0.40 233 D-I
Jimmie Massie Virginia 2.00 468 D-I
Oliver Mast IPFW 1.20 511 D-I
Ky Matsumoto Charleston Southern 2.51 671 D-I
Ryan McCarthy High Point 2.53 801 D-I
Ryan McCoy San Diego State -1.16 112 D-I
Dawson McDaniel Western Kentucky 0.07 243 D-I
Sam McGee United States Military Academy 5.99 1585 D-I
Tracy McGill Southwestern Oklahoma State Not Ranked D-II
Andrew McInerney University of Richmond -0.09 276 D-I
Eric McIntosh Northwestern Not Ranked D-I
Logan McNeely Applachian State 1.88 639 D-I
Cameron Meeks Loyola Marymount 0.46 228 D-I
McClure Meissner SMU -1.73 72 D-I
Nicholas Mejia Loyola – Maryland 0.82 425 D-I
Drake Mendenhall Arizona -0.61 173 D-I
Nate Menon Stanford -2.02 36 D-I
Chandler Metz Western Carolina Not Ranked D-I
Brandon Michaels Sacramento State 1.88 656 D-I
Glen-Michael Mihavetz Monmouth 1.16 389 D-I
Jake Milanowski Auburn -1.20 79 D-I
Charlie Miller Mississippi -2.07 47 D-I
Nolan Miller Mercer -0.43 322 D-I
Marcos Montenegro Barry University Not Ranked D-II
Jesus Montenegro Barry University Not Ranked D-II
Thomas Mulligan Oregon Not Ranked D-I
Austin Murphy Pepperdine -1.37 104 D-I
Benjamin Nelson Mississippi State 1.32 489 D-I
Connor Nelson Long Beach State 0.92 318 D-I
Christian Nido Florida -2.49 49 D-I
Brock Nielson Dixie State 1.88 670 D-II
Joaquin Niemann South Florida -4.81 3 D-I
Charlie Nikitas Miami (OH) 0.26 311 D-I
Sean Niles Oakland University 1.54 540 D-I
Bennett Noe Tusculum College 3.38 1143 D-II
Isaac Noh Lipscomb Not Ranked D-I
Erik Nordlund Campbell Not Ranked D-I
Zach Norris Kentucky -2.76 42 D-I
Noah Norton Georgia Tech -3.92 7 D-I
Eric Nunn Grand Valley State -0.89 168 D-II
Montana Nutter Alderson Broaddus Not Ranked D-II
Pontus Nyholm Campbell Not Ranked D-I
Jack O’Donovan High Point 2.85 756 D-I
Brendan O’Reilly Illinois -1.88 63 D-I
Kaito Onishi Southern Cal -2.85 13 D-I
Nicolas Osterburg Cincinnati -1.48 76 D-I
Wells Padgett Auburn -2.34 32 D-I
Kevin Paek Boston College 0.14 327 D-I
John Pak Florida State -3.34 11 D-I
Jack Parker Missouri -0.09 189 D-I
Jack Parrott South Carolina -0.24 172 D-I
Max Pasher Wisonson – Green Bay 5.19 1411 D-I
Colby Patton Clemson -1.80 79 D-I
Easton Paxton NC State -2.89 51 D-I
Daniel Pearson Nebraska 0.10 300 D-I
Adrien Pendaries Duke -2.81 27 D-I
Jacob Penny Florida Southern -1.67 139 D-I
Noah Peterson Winthrop 0.24 415 D-I
Turk Pettit Clemson -3.72 28 D-I
Derrick Phelps St. Edwards Not Ranked D-II
Valeria Pichardo Southern Miss Not Ranked D-I
Nick Piersall Central Connecticut State 1.02 525 D-I
James Piot Michigan State -2.66 40 D-I
Bradley Plaziak Marshall 0.96 343 D-I
Dylan Plis Franklin Pierce 4.15 1174 D-II
Cullen Plousha Colorado State -0.64 138 D-I
Connor Pollman Lee University 0.84 333 D-II
Blake Porter Missouri S & T Not Ranked D-II
Connor Prassas Michigan -0.65 212 D-I
Harrison Presta Flagler College 0.84 429 D-II
Avery Price Georgia Southern -0.12 144 D-I
Lane Pulliam Cal State – Fresno 1.01 391 D-I
Arjun Puri Columbia ** -0.40 225 D-I
Adam Quandt Concordia University (OR) 8.15 1965 D-II
Connor Quigley Dayton 2.49 582 D-I
John Racciatti UAB -0.57 195 D-I
Conrad Rafferty Midwestern State Not Ranked D-I
Reese Ramsey Texas A & M -3.78 9 D-I
William Rand Georgetown 0.33 262 D-I
Parker Reddig Florida State -0.89 224 D-I
Kyle Reid Old Dominion Not Ranked D-I
Kristoffer Reitan Texas Not Ranked D-I
Mark Reppe Baylor -1.28 88 D-I
Jack Rhea East Tennessee State -1.27 116 D-I
Michael Rials Francis Marion 3.45 1018 D-I
Brady Roberts Taylor University 5.30 1467 NAIA
Noah Robinson Grand Canyon University 0.26 253 D-I
Michael Anthony Rome UTSA -0.80 142 D-I
Zachary Rosendale Michigan State 0.23 240 D-I
Alex Ross Davidson 0.25 263 D-I
Chase Roswall Tennessee -0.74 121 D-I
Tim Rotermund Georgetown 3.07 791 D-I
Goodman Rudolph Mississippi State -1.33 55 D-I
Linus Samuelsson Lipscomb -1.07 153 D-I
Arribas San Jose Fairleigh Dickinson Not Ranked D-I
John Sand Denver 1.97 553 D-I
Alejandro Santibanez St. Mary’s (TX) Not Ranked D-II
Luke Scealf Carson-Newman 3.74 835 D-II
Aaron Schnathorst Bemidji State Not Ranked D-II
Noah Schone Dixie State 1.52 575 D-II
Alexander Scott Charleston Southern 2.75 793 D-I
Daniel Seibert Abilene Christian 1.44 424 D-I
Max Sekulic Grand Canyon University 0.84 443 D-I
Brian Seo Grand Canyon University -1.79 69 D-I
Chad Sewell UTSA -2.62 68 D-I
Matthew Sharpstene West Virginia -2.09 66 D-I
Ethan Shepherd Indiana -1.73 87 D-I
Wil Sheppard South Carolina 2.61 583 D-I
Davis Shore Alabama -4.64 2 D-I
Ben Sigel Kansas -1.52 86 D-I
Carter Simon Tusculum College 9.21 2062 D-II
Jackson Singletary Christian Brothers University 3.74 1099 D-II
Spenser Slayden North Florida -0.48 144 D-I
Ben Smith Georgia Tech -1.09 101 D-I
Callaway Smith Maryville University 4.49 1331 D-II
Miles Smith Central Arkansas 0.05 324 D-I
John Snoddy UAB -0.27 295 D-I
Jackson Solem Denver -0.84 160 D-I
Gabriel Spach Seattle 0.65 408 D-I
Kyle Spencer Air Force 1.81 500 D-I
Andrew Spiegler South Carolina -1.54 61 D-I
Putt Sridama Rutgers Not Ranked D-I
Jimbo Stanley East Carolina 1.02 371 D-I
Cameron Starr LaGrange College 1.17 595 D-III
Marco Steyn Wake Forest Not Ranked D-I
Bryan Stogsdill Missouri S & T Not Ranked D-II
Jacob Stoller Southwestern Oklahoma State 3.45 894 D-II
Kevin Stone Ohio State 0.86 346 D-I
Jackson Stowe Grand Valley State -0.36 182 D-II
Christophe Stutts Central Florida -0.79 111 D-I
Steve Sugimoto San Diego State 0.70 277 D-I
Tommy Sullinger Cincinnati -0.11 236 D-I
Zak Supelak Cleveland State 2.53 823 D-I
Parathakorn Suyasri Colorado State -2.13 108 D-I
Marcus Svensson Auburn Not Ranked D-I
Zack Swanson UNC – Charlotte -0.52 190 D-I
Liam Sweeney Tusculum College 5.01 1448 D-II
Paul Swindell Lipscomb -1.78 93 D-I
Will Tamplin University of Richmond 1.65 520 D-I
Chris Tanabe Bucknell ** 1.46 550 D-I
Issei Tanabe Southern Cal 0.49 195 D-I
Billy Teichman St. Edwards 0.05 245 D-II
Iliana Telles Portland State Not Ranked D-I
Daniel Terrell Columbia ** 0.88 351 D-I
Dakota Terry North Alabama -0.47 183 D-II
Justin Thompson SMU 1.40 347 D-I
Davis Thompson Georgia -4.25 29 D-I
Spencer Tibbits Oregon State -1.95 98 D-I
Jordan Tieman Shawnee State 0.91 546 NAIA
Will Tiller Point University 8.27 1931 NAIA
Nicholas Timm Idaho 1.80 565 D-I
Jodee Tindal Mercer Not Ranked D-I
Ryan Tomaso Hartford 2.55 790 D-I
Blake Tomlinson Utah -0.75 199 D-I
Jack Trent UNLV -3.92 22 D-I
Drew Tucci Detroit Mercy 2.31 620 D-I
Joe Tucker Central Connecticut State 2.10 635 D-I
Blain Turner Trevecca Nazarene 2.69 882 D-II
Jackson Tyler Palm Beach Atlantic 1.86 623 D-II
Carl Underwood Wyoming 0.90 406 D-I
Lenny Urbas MIssouri S & T 4.03 1121 D-II
Jack Uselton Belmont 0.13 361 D-I
Kyle Vance Kansas State -3.81 21 D-I
Blaise Vanitvelt Eastern Michigan 2.55 702 D-I
Adam Veenstra Idaho Not Ranked D-I
Adam Velasco Miami (OH) Hamilton 4.64 1292 IND
Randy Vergel de Dios Cal State – San Marcos 0.30 246 D-II
Corinne Viden Sacramento State Not Ranked D-I
Frankie Wade North Alabama 3.29 723 D-II
Lane Wallace Oklahoma -2.58 59 D-I
Tayden Wallin Midwestern State 1.89 812 D-II
Youxin (Robin) Wang UC – Berkeley -1.57 50 D-I
Joe Weiler Purdue -1.09 102 D-I
Bobby Weise Rhode Island 1.16 408 D-I
Kyle Wensel University of Indianapolis 1.48 494 D-I
Trevor Werbylo Arizona -4.07 26 D-I
Oliver Whatley Rutgers -1.37 132 D-I
Keegan White Taylor University Not Ranked NAIA
Garrett Whitfield Austin Peay -0.08 171 D-I
Kyle Wilkinson UC – Santa Barbara 0.83 351 D-I
Nicholas Williams Butler 4.96 1298 D-I
Mark Williams Cal State – Bakersfield 2.90 736 D-I
Patrick Williams Siena 2.33 805 D-I
Nick Willis Wofford -1.71 85 D-I
Ethan Willis High Point 1.15 452 D-I
Alec Wilson North Texas 1.99 631 D-I
Trey Winstead LSU -2.64 35 D-I
Nick Wolf UT – Martin 1.61 556 D-I
Matthew Wolff Oklahoma State -2.04 33 D-I
Bracton Womack Tennessee Tech 0.50 345 D-I
Jun Ho Won Boise State -1.15 185 D-I
Qi Weng Wong Duke Not Ranked D-I
Noah Woolsey Washington -0.49 160 D-I
Patrick Wu Gardner-Webb 1.09 363 D-I
Norman Xiong Oregon -4.28 5 D-I
Evan Yakubov Indiana -0.96 157 D-I
Greg Yellin Texas – El Paso -1.54 100 D-I
Brandon Yoon Virginia -1.69 54 D-I
Worathon Zeng JMU Not Ranked D-I
Hayden Zimmerer Dayton 1.55 600 D-I

Subject Line for Your Emails to College Coaches

Before you can get a coach to read and respond to your email, you need to get them to open it. You might have a perfect personalized email with a link to your online profile and video but if your subject line looks generic or uninteresting, they might skip right over it. There is no one way to write a single subject line that is good for all coaches and all universities. The information below is meant to provide you with a frame work to think about for each coach and sport specific examples of email subject lines for coaches.

Think About What’s Important to the Coach

Your subject line needs to appeal to that coach and what is unique about their university. It’s not always easy to know what is most important to a coach in the recruiting process, here are a couple of things to consider about different schools.

  • Top level DI programs need to know you qualify athletically – Coaches at this level make their first judgment on recruits based on if they think they are good enough now or will eventually be good enough to play at that level. You need to list your size, best times or the fact you are including a video to let a coach know they can determine your athletic qualifications in that email.
  • You must have the grades to qualify for elite academic universities – The most challenging thing for coaches at elite academic institutions is finding athletes that can get through the admissions process at their school. It takes a lot more then the NCAA minimum requirements.
  • In-state or out-of-state can make a difference – Many public schools are experiencing budget crunches and college coaches are being asked to try and find out-of-state walk-on’s for their programs. If you are inquiring about a walk-on opportunity with an out-of-state public school, tell the coach you are from another state. Similarly, some coaches are asked to recruit in-state for scholarships so you might want to include that in your subject line to in-state schools.
  • Tell a DIII coach you are looking for a DIII opportunity – Coaches at DIII programs have a difficult time finding recruits who understand how financial aid works for DIII athletes. If you are emailing a DIII coach, try to communicate that you understand what a DIII school means for them.

Covering the basics in the subject line

With the idea of making the subject line unique to each program, you want to make sure not to forget the basics. You must include your name, graduation year (or walk-on request) and then the unique information. For example

“John Doe 2015 Grad [unique information” or “Jane Doe Walk-On Interest [unique information]”

Example of subject lines to coaches


Golf – “Jane Doe 2015 Grad AJGA Tournament Results and Skill Video Included”


Make sure you have what you need to write an email first

When you read these email headlines you might think to yourself “I don’t have the information necessary to write that.” You might not have a highlight tape, established rankings or maybe your grades aren’t very good. This should serve as a wake up call to get things together and get organized in your recruiting.

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Should Your Treat the ACT & SAT as a Class?

One common thought of every high school student and parent is how to prepare for the ACT and/or SAT. Along with that come with question: “Should my student treat the ACT and/or SAT the same as they do a class?”

The SAT and ACT are phenomenal tools for colleges. With the rapid inflation of high school GPAs across the country, these tests have remained an important metric — particularly for elite institutions — to weigh the credentials of prospective students against one another.

That isn’t to suggest that these tests are more important than GPAs. For the most part, many universities care about grades and academic performance more than any other component of a student’s resume, with some less traditional colleges moving away from standardized tests altogether.

Regardless, if your son or daughter is looking into some of the more established academic institutions out there, they will still need to be extremely well-prepared for the SAT and/or ACT.

And this may not be ideal for students who struggle with standardized tests.

So if your student is serious about attending a four-year university, they should treat preparing for the SAT/ACT just as seriously as they would their most demanding classes. Students who struggle with standardized testing may want to go a step further, even scheduling lighter course loads during the semester in which they plan to take the test.

Often times when bringing this up with parents, we are met with a degree of well-intentioned skepticism. They are concerned with the pressure and anxiety their child may face with this sort of hyper-realistic conception of standardized tests.

High school students shouldn’t think that standardized tests will determine their lot in life. They won’t, and in the greater scheme of things, they are a small component of a student’s academic record, but it needs to be understood that these tests still have a bearing on their post high school plans.

The important thing is not to shield them from this truth, but rather encourage them to approach the SATs and ACTs with a measured and rational interpretation of how these tests will impact their life expectations.

This is why we encourage high schoolers to study for the SAT/ACT the same way they would study and do homework for their most difficult classes. All in all, we want our students to study close to an hour a day for the SAT/ACT, while still being able to maintain a balance with their school work and personal lives.

We also push students to not only practice the actual questions they will receive on these tests, but also the methodology behind taking the test itself, which is often the most challenging component. Although integral, established strategies for doing so are few and far between.

Bottom line, if your child wants to get into a well-established university, he or she needs to do well on the SAT/ACT. The tests matter, and preparation is crucial. That said, it’s just a test! Encourage your student to approach it as one would anything else important in life, reminding them that, ultimately, nothing is more fulfilling than learning for the sake of becoming a more enlightened person. That’s the real goal.

Should Your Student Treat The ACT/SAT As A Class?

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