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Best event with College Golf Coaches in Dallas, Texas

Since, 2012, “THE GREATEST JUNIOR GOLF CAMP FORMAT EVER” with some major college golf coaches!! CollegeGolfCamps.com

College Golf Camps – BIG 5 Junior Golf Camp returns to Dallas, Texas July 16-18, 2023.   This is a premier opportunity to understand the unique college experience and team golf environment.  LIMITED to 40 Junior Golfers.

Junior golfers will have a great experience at the CGC – Big 5 camp. They will learn all about college golf while practicing, playing matches and learning strategies within team golf. The camp is limited to the first 40 junior golfers, so sign up today!

This Junior Golf Exposure Camp is modeled after the NCAA Golf Championship Match-Play Event.  More information at CollegeGolfCamps.com

Junior golf exposure camps are events designed to provide young golfers with opportunities to showcase their skills to college coaches and recruiters. These camps typically include a combination of golf instruction, practice rounds, and competitive play, as well as seminars and workshops on topics such as college admissions and recruiting. By attending these camps, junior golfers can gain valuable exposure to college programs and potentially increase their chances of being recruited to play at the collegiate level.  Camps are open to all.

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