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Goach App – Your Fastest Route to Lower Scores – Statistics EVERYONE Understands!

Goach App – Your Fastest Route to Lower Scores 

Statistics EVERYONE Understands!


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Don’t Guess
Know Thyself

Is your driver really the cause of all your lost strokes?

We combine the data from all of your golf rounds into Goach Performance Profile® that clearly displays your true strengths and areas needing improvement.



You will never end up accidentally getting to your best. That’s why Goach incorporates Goals Based Improvement.

You will set your golf goal and Goach will analyze the data from your rounds and create a personalized training plan that will help you reach your goal. All along your journey, Goach will always show you how each part of your game relates to your goal.


Fast & Intuitive
Data Entry!​

We knew from the beginning, to be successful we had to create a user interface that didn’t distract you from playing your best golf.

Goach has been engineered to take less than 10 seconds per hole. You can enter all your data in before your friend is finished with his 8th waggle.


Statistics EVERYONE Understands!​

Goach exposes you to Tour Level Statistics in a way golfers of any level can understand. See how each part of your game compares with your Golf Goal, as well as a Tour Pro.


Data That
Makes Sense

Are you tired of finishing your round and wondering What Just Happened? NO MORE

With Goach Report Card® you can discover how every part of your game contributed to your total score.


A.I. Powered

No more scrolling through 1000’s of instructional videos searching for a bandaid fix!

Goach proprietary algorithms are constantly monitoring and learning from your game to generate your Personalized Training Plan.

Goach integrates the latest Machine Learning techniques analyzing over 10,000 data points to build a targeted training plan designed specifically for you to reach your golf goal.


Engaging Training
With Purpose

Goach has incorporated Augmented Reality, Experiential and Competitive drills into training making for a more engaging and effective practice session.


Golf Courses!

Discover courses near you. Get necessary course information. Check the local weather. And, compete with your buddies to top the Leaderboard.


Ready to Go Low?
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