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List of coaches for CGC Dallas

Check out this buffet of College Coaches

University of Alabama – Mike McGraw
Stanford University – Conrad Ray
Texas A&M University – JT Higgins
University of Arizona – Jim Anderson
Texas Tech University – Jojo Robertson
University of Georgia – Josh Brewer
Baylor University – Jay Goble
Auburn University – Nick Clinard
University of Texas-Arlington – Jay Rees
University of Colorado – Anne Kelly
Kansas State University – Kristi Knight
University of Iowa – Megan Menzel
University of New Mexico – Glen Millican
University of San Diego – Cory Scoggin
University of Nebraska – Robin Krapfl
Southern Methodist University – Jeanne Sutherland
Houston Baptist University – David Shuster
University of Kansas – Jamie Bermel
University of Nevada-Reno – Jacob Wilner
Columbia University – Rich Mueller
University of South Carolina – Bill McDonald
University of Virginia – Kim Lewellen
University of Florida – Emily Bastel
Abilene Christian University – Mike Campbell
Mississippi State University – Ginger Brown-Lemm

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