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Performing Under Pressure, Enhance Your Performance!!

Mental Training for Golf

How much money are you willing to spend on a new driver to hit it further or more accurate?

How much money are you willing to spend on premier instruction?

The answer is the same for all of us. ANY AMOUNT NECESSARY to gain optimal performance, right?

So, how much have your spent on equipment and instruction?

Next question……how much have you invested into the mental side of golf? Answer………NOT ENOUGH…..

College Golf Camps®has recently partnered with Winning Mind, LLC in San Diego, California. Winning Mind uses The Attentional & Interpersonal Style (TAIS) inventory- the world’s best assessment methodology to help individuals understand the conditions that undermine performance and help them operate more successfully under stressful conditions. This test allows you to compare your mental skills against other Elite Golfers.

Sample Junior Golfer Results
Sample Junior Golfer Results

Whether you like the analogy or not, the truth is, sport can be like entering combat. Sometimes your adversary is your opponent. Sometimes the real adversary is yourself. As well all know, golf is played against the golf course and yourself. We can’t help you improve your technical skills (e.g., how to swing the club or putt). This is better left to you and your coach or instructor. What we can do is help you make the best use of your physical talent and skills. It takes more than a long tee shot to win a golf tournament. It takes more than a beautiful golf swing to bounce back from defeat.

What if Junior Golfers could provide the following items to coaches: Rankings, Scores, Tournament Statistics, Swing Analysis(ie TrackMan, Flight Scope) and Mental Assessment. What more could a coach ask for? Physical skills, overall performance combined with your mental performance is a thorough assessment of your golf game.

Concentration skills, and the ability to shift both the width and direction (internal vs. external) are critical determinants of success or failure in virtually any performance situation. You cannot cross the street safely, without paying attention to performance relevant cues. You cannot communicate with another individual effectively without paying attention to the right cues. You cannot problem solve, without shifting attention and focusing on task relevant cues. You cannot get out of the starting blocks in the Olympics in time to win the race, without paying attention to the right cues.

The total package for junior golfers is now available. Email juniorgolf@collegegolfcamps.com NOW!!

Ok, so I have taken the test now what?

College Golf Camps®is pleased to introduce Dr. Nick Molinaro of drnickmolinaro.com, frequently seen on The Golf Channel’s The Golf Fix with Michael Breed and on SiriusXM PGATour Radio on A New Breed of Golf with Michael Breed. Dr. Nick is the Mental Coach for the Michael Breed Golf Academy, Fiddler’s Elbow Golf and Tennis Academies. He also works with athlete in all sports from Juniors to World Class.

The evaluation will assess 20 mental skills used in your golf performance. Dr. Nick will make a detailed analysis and each golfer will receive a 30 min debriefing video customized for each player indicating strengths and areas that need to be improved with mental tips from him. The assessment will be administered on-line and will take approximately 20-30 min.

Follow-up sessions with Dr. Nick with on-line mental skills coaching and hands-on-club-on-course training can be arranged and customized for the player’s needs.

Dr. Nick is offering the same golf mental skills assessment package that he uses with all of his players on the PGA, Web.com, LPGA, Symetra, Champions’, etc.

Take the test now for a significantly discounted price today. We have pricing available for junior golfers who attend our camps and junior golfer who do not attend.

Normal TAIS Assessment Fee – $395

CGC Camper TAIS Assessment Fee – $195

Non CGC Camper TAIS Assessment Fee – $245

Call 884-884-1551 for more information

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