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Press Release – “Play College Golf”

Press Release – 12/23/12 – “Play College Golf”

Developed in conjunction with NCAA coaches, College Golf Camps of America (CGC) is the first privately operated multi-college golf camp in the world. CGC allows college coaches to instruct, evaluate, clinician and interact with Junior Golfers from all over the world.

Operating under strict NCAA guidelines, CGC is a ground-breaking concept that will provide a huge value to Junior Golfers and Parents with goals of playing Collegiate Golf. Each event will have a select group of major colleges coaches to develop aspiring Junior Golfers both boys and girls.

CGC – Dallas event is just the beginning of a vast schedule with big-time college coaches and big-time opportunity. We are in process of organizing events in Orlando and on the West Coast in the Fall of 2013. Additionally, we will be hosting events in the Europe, Asia, Australia and South America. CGC has global goals to align Junior Golfers with opportunities of College Development.

We understand that this is a new concept and with anything new comes questions. Please email us at with any questions.

College Golf Camps of America announces the coaching roster for the CGC – Dallas Event. The event will be held at the Texas Star Golf Course, Sunday, July 28th – Tuesday, July 30th, 2013 in Dallas, Texas.

This is an opportunity for any Junior Golfer to compete in-front of more than 20 major college coaches, but they will also learn from those same coaches. Clinic topics include but not limited to: “Golf is a team sport”, “Being the student in student-athlete”, “realities of college golf”, “Transition from junior golf”, “Championship Golf” and much more.

All tournament results will be posted to

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This might be the best collection of coaches at any golf camp, ever….just one opinion. Over 20 major college coaches at one venue for your instruction, evaluation, clinics, etc. We have a “All-American” list of coaches have won national championships, produced All-Americans, Ben Hogan Award winners, PGA tour players and much more.

The coaches are representing their Universities, even though they might be the Women’s or Men’s Golf Coaches.

College Golf Camps – Dallas Coaching Roster
Texas Christian University – Angie Ravaoilo-Larkin Oklahoma State University – Mike McGraw
Texas Tech University – Jojo Robertson Stanford University – Conrad Ray
University of Nebraska – Robin Krapfl Texas A&M University – JT Higgins
Baylor University – Jay Goble University of Arizona – Jim Anderson
Kansas State University – Kristi Knight Auburn University – Nick Clinard
University of Iowa – Megan Menzel University of New Mexico – Glen Millican
University of Colorado – Anne Kelly Rice University – Justin Emil
Houston Baptist – David Shuster University of Texas – Arlington – Jay Rees
Southern Methodist University – Jeanne Sutherland University of Kansas – Jamie Bermel
University of Arkansas – Shauna Estes University of Houston – Jonathan Dismuke
University of San Diego – Cory Scoggin

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