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2016 NCAA Division I Women’s Regional Golf Championships – Individuals – Stanford, CA Region

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Here is the probability or likelihood on the top 50 individual results(in order) for the 2016 NCAA Division I Women’s Regional Golf Championships.
Other regions StanfordShoal CreekBryanBaton Rouge

Stanford, CA Regional

Player – Team
Tiffany Chan, USC
Robynn Ree, USC
Lauren Kim, Stanford
Maria Fassi, Arkansas
Kyung Kim, USC
Karen Chung, USC
Mariah Stackhouse, Stanford
Esther Lee Colorado
Gabriella Then, USC
Emma Henrikson, SDSU
Lauren Diaz-Yi Virginia
Gabby Barker Texas Tech
Kaylee Benton UNLV
Marissa Chow Pepperdine
Sierra Sims Wk. Forest
Katja Pogacar Ohio State
Lauren Coughlin Virginia
Regina Plasencia Arkansas
Jennifer Kupcho Wk. Forest
Andrea Wong IND.
Paige Lee IND.
Katrina Prendergast IND.
Kassidy Teare IND.
Amy Lee USC
Jessica Porvasnik Ohio State
Elizabeth Szokol Virginia
Harley Dubsky UNLV
Kristin Simonsen IND.
Shannon Aubert Stanford
Alana Uriell Arkansas
Sophie Hausmann Idaho
Milagros Chaves SDSU
Leslie Cloots UNC
Martina Edberg IND.
My Leander San Jose State
Kimmy Hill Texas Tech
Rio Watanabe Ohio State
Lauren Mason Texas Tech
Casey Danielson Stanford
Regan De Guzman San Jose State
MacKenzie Raim UNLV
Elizabeth Prior UNLV
Sierra Kersten Stanford
Michelle Kim Idaho
Hira Naveed Pepperdine
Summar Roachell Arkansas
Mami Yamamoto Texas Tech
Brittany Fan Colorado
Samantha Marks Arkansas

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