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Why College Golf Camps helps Junior Golf Families

For the past 3 years, College Golf Camps™ has been providing junior golf families with exceptional value. Here is a quick peek into our classic 3 day schedule which is packed full of valuable information. College Golf Camps™ provides a premier opportunity to learn, compete, showcase and interact with current college golf coaches. Exposure to college golf is a much needed opportunity for junior golfers.

Sample Schedule College Golf Camps™ – 3 day schedule

Camp Check-in

This is the time where parents and Campers check-in with our staff to receive the final schedule and other pertinent information related to camp

Welcome and coach introductions
Short period of time to address all the Campers and parents. We introduce our staff and college coaches, we give them the details on where to be, how to be, when to be, answer any questions, etc

Par 3 Challenge – Coaches assigned to holes
This period of time is committed to 9 holes with no shot longer 110 yards. The Campers will have a variety of challenging shots including but not limited to; 40 yards over a bunker from the rough, 65 yards over water to a tucked pin, 50 foot putt with multiple breaks, 100 yard shot from fairway bunker, etc. The Campers will be have a better understanding of shot selection, game management, instruction on new shots, thought process on choosing the shot, instruction on shot options, reading greens, understanding green complexes, etc.

Coaches are assigned two by two to each hole. The two coaches are assigned to the hole and work back and forth from the modified “teeing area” to the green. This is a really neat aspect of our camps because the Campers hear from a coaches perspective on how to attack a hole, understanding the mechanics of a shot and executed on the fundamentals of the shot.

All parents with College Golf Expert – “The Road-Map of Junior Golf”
The speaker for this topic is typically a former college golf coach. This lecture does not include Campers or current college golf coaches. We make great strides to educate the parents as well as the Camper. This lecture and presentation is directed at educating the parents and instructing current pitfalls, where a player’s focus should be as a Camper, how you should support your Camper, Camper development, milestones Campers should in terms of the NCAA Eligibility Center, SAT/ACT test taking, self-management, time management, importance of academics, among others. Extensive question and answer time is provided.

Meet and Greet Dinner (Campers/Coaches Only)
This session is a casual meal time for the Campers and college coaches.

“Transition from Junior Golf to College Golf”
This lecture and presentation is by two college golf coaches speaking to a variety of topics including being the student in Camper, sharing experiences, teachable moments for Campers, challenges of being a freshman, in terms time management, responsibilities, accountability and discipline. Coaches have addressed having to do your own laundry for the first-time, typically college players day to day schedule, the relationship of having a college coach while having a personal instructor, etc. Extensive question and answer time is provided.

“Golf Performance” – performance coach
This lecture and presentation is all about organizing yourself and time management. Presenter communicates how to track your instruction, implementing skills and drills, daily schedules, summer travel schedule, swing video, instruction videos and player development. Extensive question and answer time is provided.

“Life and Junior Golf” – former college golfer
This presenter speaks to the group on his/her experiences as a Camper, junior golfer, college golfer and professional golfer. He/She includes the challenges of instruction, game management, course management, personal experiences and off the course challenges. Extensive question and answer time is provided.

Day 2

All Coaches and Campers to driving range
This is an opportunity for college golf coaches to provide instruction to the Campers. Coaches walk up and down the driving range giving feedback, instruction, tips, etc.

“Play with Freedom” Lead by a college golf coach on the driving range
This lecture and presentation discussed on a Camper can learn to play with freedom (how to get out of your own way), playing carefree, control and optimize self-talk, control emotions, resetting your mind for optimal performance, etc. Extensive question and answer time is provided.

18 hole competition – Shotgun start for all Campers, Coaches assigned to holes
Coaches will be interacting with Campers with instruction on shot selection, course management, hole layout, approach to the hole, teachable moments, rules, etc

The scores from this period will not be published to outside sources or posted on any website and is for internal use only.

It is important to recognize the real purpose and focus of tournament competition conducted at our camps. During tournament competition, coaches are assigned to a hole or a portion of a hole, and it is typical for a coach to see only one hole or a portion of one hole during each tournament round. This is done to prevent coaches from grouping up on the same campers and to assure that all campers receive the same coaching opportunities at camp no matter their skill-set or ability. The coaches assigned to a hole provide whatever specialized on-course instruction each coach sees fit for each camper playing that hole. This provides critical teaching and instructional opportunities that are the focus of camp but which would not be allowed in any truly “competitive” tournament setting.
Many coaches focus on the instructional element of a given hole (where to hit the ball, risk/reward scenarios given the particularly layout of a hole, etc.). For example, at one event, after seeing a player hit a tee ball into the only spot on the fairway that a player should avoid, a coach quickly hand drew a diagram of the hole showing the areas of the fairways from which the ball can be most easily played into the green and why for the purpose of highlighting the less than optimal decision the player made on that shot. Some coaches choose to focus on how a player approaches a shot (overcoming anxiety with respect to a particular shot, swinging without fear, etc.) or his/her fellow playing partners. Other coaches may focus on the technique involved in hitting a particular shot.

This type of highly specialized instruction is impossible to find for most players unless they are able to interact with coaches deeply experienced with the “game of golf” (i.e., the strategy involved in a round of golf and the playing of a given hole as opposed to just the mechanics of the golf swing). Because of the “in-competition” instruction that occurs, CGC competition looks very different from a typical golf tournament.

Campers and Coaches are free for lunch

College Coach small groups with Campers
Campers and College Golf Coaches will have group time to discuss College Golf. During this session, we divide the coaches into groups of two and evenly divide the group of Campers into 9 groups. They rotate through the smalls groups every 15 minutes. The focus of this exercise is to provide a casual environment where Campers and college coaches interact in a one-to-one basis, whereby coaches were able to talk with Camper about what helped them to be successful in school and athletics, understand the challenges, both academically and athletically, of junior golf, college golf, instruction, practice routines, academic expectations, etc. This is a neat educational period where coaches and Campers are “shoulder to shoulder” talking about the challenges that arise for today’s Camper.

“Reality of College Golf” – Open Q/A Forum
In this segment, we have a bank of several college golf coaches with parents and Campers. This is a moderated session where parents and Campers ask questions to the group of coaches. The coaches then typically engage in discussion with the audience about the topic. For example, a parent asks a question about academic standards, the question is repeated by the moderator to the group, then several coaches respond to the question.

College Golf Practices routines
– Driving range
– Players will need clubs
– Skills and Drills Development
– All College Golf Coaches
This segment is all about instruction and practice routines. We divide the coaches into several groups including a putting station, chipping station, bunker station, short iron station, long iron station and tee shot station. The Campers are randomly divided evenly and rotate through the stations every 15-20 minutes. Depending on the facility will depend on how many stations we have. Some facilities have larger practice facilities and driving range stalls. Some camps have 3 stations or up to 6 stations. No matter the number of stations, all campers rotate through all stations receiving instruction on all facets of the game from the coaches. The college coaches are instructed to provide drills and feedback to help improve the players overall golf game.

“Practice to Learn” – Dr. Mark Guadagnoli, Triad Consulting, Inc
Dr. Mark Guadagnoli who is a professor at UNLV, he is also a sports psychologist who works with the UNLV mens golf team and several professional players. Dr. Guadagnoli lectures and presents information on how to manage your practice sessions for better performance. He speaks about a variety of topics and examples of implanting a plan for successful practice. He defines what is a “successful practice session”. He talks about “practice hard, play easy”. He gives extensive time for questions and answers.

Optional – College Golf Fellowship
The focus of this lecture and presentation is on topics including experiences from former college players, former PGA players, life after golf, life without golf, life in golf, etc. Extensive question and answer time was provided.

Day 3

All Coaches and Campers to driving range
This is an opportunity for college golf coaches to provide instruction to the Campers. Coaches walk up and down the driving range giving instruction, feedback, tips, etc.

“Harness your inner Champion” – presented by one college coach
The focus of this motivational talk is on how to play your best when you best is needed. Extensive question and answer time is provided.

18 hole competition – Shotgun start for all campers, Coaches assigned to holes
Coaches will be interacting with Campers with shot selection, course management, hole layout, approach to the hole, teachable moments, rules, etc. This is identical to the information above on the previous day.

Lunch Campers and coaches are excused for lunch

“Golf is a TEAM sport”
This lecture and presentation is to educate Campers on why golf is more than just your individual performance. The parents and Campers are instructed to not be selfish, stay positive, don’t be critical of your coaches and teammates and be a part of something bigger than yourself. The lecturers speak about the pitfalls of selfish players, how they distract from the goal of the team. In addition, they talk about having your own team that includes your parents, coaches, instructor, physical trainer, counselor, academics, nutrition, etc. All grouped together to reach your peak performance. This session includes extensive question and answer period.

“A Golfers Mind” – Dr. Nick Molinaro
Again, Dr. Nick speaks to a “golfers mind”. This lecture and presentation is designed to help improve the thoughts of a golfer under pressure. Golf is such a mental sport, so we educate and instruct the Campers on how to cope with stress, playing under difficult conditions, controlling what they can control, dealing with adversity, etc. Dr. Nick allows for extensive question and answer period.

“Life Skills for College Freshman”
This lecture and presentation focuses on how to survive your freshman year as a Camper, crucial time management skills, accountability, responsibility, discipline, peer pressure, classroom management, typical schedule, etc. This lecture is designed to educate and instruct players on not only how to survive your freshman year but actually flourish as a Camper.

Conclusion of Camp
Final opportunity for Campers and parents to ask questions. Typically, there are not a lot of questions because they have just been through 30 hours of education, instruction, competition, etc. They are on information over load. Campers and Parents are excused.

Please note that all Campers receive post-camp feedback on what they do well, what they need to do better and how they should do it. This provides a great opportunity for each Camper to improve their weaknesses and continue developing into a better player.

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